CAn anyone get our AD to tell us which teams he is trying to get to fill the empty spaces for the coming years up to 2027?

CAN ANYONE ASK HOLMOE TO let us know which teams he is working out deals with to fill those empty slots for the coming years. Wiill most of them be P5 teams? Are we actually trying to program now like we are an actual P5 team with 9-10 teams per season being a P5 team. Are we going to live up to the expectations of the ACC and the SEC and Pac 12 that we will act more like the P5 team which we have become.

KC, do you have the pull with your inside source? Does anyone else have access to the ear of our AD.

It would be great to set a new president where the AD keeps up informed through this site which progress is being made or is in the making. It would be great to hear from him each week.

Ron I can reply you this, he is trying to fill it with BIG12 or PaC12 conference games

There is no AD on the planet, with any basic intelligence, who will tip their hand and give info about games or deals they are working on for the future. If for no other reason, at all, that they do not want to get egg on their own faces should things blow apart.

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Thank you KC. That is good news, (Pac 12 or Big 12).

So far, the only Pac 12 teams that we have not programed for at least one game between now and 202
is Oregon, Oregon State, and Colorado.

Do you know if any efforts are mad to try to get a contractual agreement like ND has with the ACC?

I would love to have the same kind of a contractual agreement with the Pac 12 until such time as either the
Pac 12 or Big 12 accepts us full membership into their conference for football only or full membership.

My second choice would have the same contractual arrangement with the ACC so we would be more likely to play ND more often.

I think that the Big 12 would be my 3rd choice.

Without giving any names, could you tell us if your inside source is with any of the coaches, or any of the players, or from the office of the AD or the BOT?