Can someone tell me

why nobody on the BYU basketball team has told Hunter Erickson to do something about his hair? I think it has an adverse effect on the teams overall performance, not to mention it lowers the teams overall IQ.

I realize that this can’t be proven necessarily so it is just my opinion, but I also think it would help strengthen team morale.

I know if I was on the team I would say something to him like “dude, your hairstyle looks ridiculous and it is affecting the team. Can you please do something different, you know, for the team?”

:rofl: :flushed: :rofl:

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What do you mean I love his hair

What does hair have to do with IQ? Really?

once again you take the literal approach. No sense of humor or ability to adapt. His hairstyle makes him appear to be not real intelligent. If he appears a certain way, he will stand a good chance to evolve and adapt that way. IMO the look is not working for him, he can do better.

How much playing time does he get? Pope might put him in more often if he changed it, who knows?

I think his hair might even be better than Zac Seljass’ hair from 2 years ago.

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I guarantee his hair has nothing to do with his playing time. This response suggests your comment wasn’t intended to be humorous. :sunglasses:

Only too you Scott…