CFP Rankings Bias and $$$

Decision has been made and no surprise ND and Ohio State get in as ridiculous as it sounds. Go Clemson

So let’s think about this for a second because that is all it will take.

No chance in heck BYU ever makes it into the CFP, let alone some other G5 or any team not named Ohio State, Alabama or Clemson.

I saw a little of Alabama last night, and some of Clemson, ND. College football is becoming very uninteresting very quickly. I have no interest in the CFP as it is currently implemented. In fact I would not be surprised if the only interested people are fans of the teams and some other die harders that still have minimal interest.

Well, no reason for ND to still be ranked #4. With Lawrence, Clemson showed ND isn’t close to them. So, why is ND still #4 with the AP
And Coaches Polls?

It’s called power influence

Or it’s called corruption…

Under the CFP, yes, we have seen it. EVen if BYU were to go into CC and win, we would have still dropped like a rock to Conference champs of the P5. It’s called the eye test. The old BCS would of had Cincy and BYU ahead of many of these conference champs including a 2 lose Oregon and Oky as well as the Big 10 champs OSU. They just would not have the numbers. Sure the SEC and ACC would be where they are but Cincy and BYU would be in a major payout bowl.

There needs to be major changes to CFootball going forward. Maybe do a playoff for the G5s and TV revenue shuffled away from Royals.

I am pretty sure that we are NOT the only ones to see this bias from the CFP. I think or rather hope that people like ESPN and other news outlets will expose the corruption that is CFP and force them to either break off, or use a more reliable determination to determine who plays.

If they choose to break off, then I think all the other “Non teams” should not play them during the regular season and pressure ESPN to not broadcast their games. “Petty aren’t I?”

Like I have said before a 16 team playoff is needed to include all conference champions without the p5/g5 distinctions. Just seed the teams like they do in basketball based on strength of schedule and so forth. Ten spots would be automatic for the 10 conference champions and there would be 6 at large berths open for outstanding teams that don’t win their conferences. An independent that is ranked in the top 16 in the final polls would get an automatic bid as well as the conference champions. Those with good records who don’t make the playoffs go to a bowl game. A committee represented by all the conferences and independents would decide on seeding and who gets at large berths. It wouldn’t be perfect but far superior to the BCS country club that is a P5 only club.

If one or two regular season games have to be cut from the current 12 game schedule to accommodate a 16 team playoff then so be it. At least a 16 team playoff would produce a worthy national champion and everybody has a shot at it regardless of conference affiliation.

It is quite ironic that in a day and age obsessed with fairness, and inclusiveness, in educational institutions can tolerate the BCS which is the ultimate in exclusiveness. The same university administrators that would bend over backwards to cater to every PC social cause out there, no matter how ridiculous, will tolerate a system that excludes about half the schools that play division I football reeks of breathtaking hypocrisy.

If the P5 schools couldn’t stomach a real playoff then let them officially be what they are, minor league professional leagues, to act as a farm system for the NFL. They would no longer be classified as amateur and would not be eligible for an NCAA championship. Pay all these guys, most of whom aren’t real students anyway and quit pretending they are amateurs. Some of them may actually go to class and get degrees that are worth something while they are playing football. Everybody else who is serious about their education and wants to play football can go to school elsewhere and compete for an NCAA championship and make school their number one priority and a few of them would end up in the NFL.

I think Congress needs to step in and correct the injustice!

YEP! 16 team sweet 16 will fix it. What about independence teams? There will need to be an automated inclusion of at least one independent team.

The P5 university presidents not only tolerate the CFP, they wholeheartedly support it. These people are CEOs of multi million/billion dollar businesses who keep their jobs if they make money, and lose their jobs if they lose money. Have you seen how much money these people make? The P5 university presidents make MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN PERSONAL INCOME. . Even the ones on the “low end” have salaries of around $500,000.00 and big benefit packages (deferred comp, bonus, club memberships etc). Shoot–the president of U of Virginia has a CAR ALLOWANCE of $20,000 a year–just enough to lease something modest for about $1500/month. They care about “fairness” when it gets them paid, BUT “fairness” in football would cost them millions of dollars a year, so they viciously hang onto the CFP model; what they really care about is MONEY. These P5 presidents know they have a stranglehold on hundreds of millions of dollars of TV revenue for football, and all they have to do to keep that money is to maintain the status quo.

I’ll criticize them all day for their smug, holier-than-thou hypocrisy, but not for the money grab, because they run a business and their job is to make money.

This is funny:
Last year the U of Oregon’s president, whose base pay was a paltry $720,000.00, was paid a $100,000.00 bonus to make his pay “comparable with similar division schools.” This when an undergraduate degree (for an in-state student) at Oregon now costs well over $100k. My tax dollars at work…

Yep, money talks! That’s why the NCAA needs to step in and set up a real playoff. The Big shots would probably still get 10-11 of the playoff spots but at least G5 conference champions would get at least 5 spots. They don’t want that. What they want is for the G5 teams to get lost and create their own division like Division 2 or the NAIA.

Those university presidents get paid millions to run institutions that for the most part brainwash young skulls full of mush to follow an anti free market, secular humanist path with no rebuttal. What is a liberal arts education worth anymore? A small percentage of college graduates are trained to pursue some productive career and some are trained to be politicians, lawyers, and professors who have no clue about making it in the private sector. The rest are trained to be activists for social change. Well a lot of them succeed in bringing in millions through the athletic programs and most of the students graduate qualified to do nothing of value. In the private sector you either produce or you don’t get paid. I guess they produce and get paid well for running institutions that need to be re-invented to prepare people to live and work in the real world. BYU is an exception to the rule.

Not only are the P5 presidents incentivised to continue the current CFP setup but so is ESPN. Why should ESPN give up their control, power and money to change things to be more fair. As a child, one of my daughters used to say regularly, “That’s not fair to me.” And that is the belief and attitude of all the players in the current CFP setup.

You need a BYU alum with a net worth of 50 billion dollars who would be willing to spend 10 billion dollars to change things up. Ain’t a gonna happen. :slightly_frowning_face:

I mentioned in my post that an independent ranked in the top 16 would get an automatic playoff spot.

In Oregon, socialism at work. Just like in California. Newsom might have Covid19. He’s in quarantine. The only other alternative is get 700,000 more signatures to recall him.

Well, the committed won’t rank them that high anymore. The rule should be they have to take an independent. We may just have more independents that way :slight_smile:

Agreed on all. I will mention that I am a lawyer, but I spent many years in private business (9 as owner of a small biz) before going to law school, and started my own law firm from scratch over 10 years ago that now has 7 employees, so I defend my right to be considered one of the Good Guys :slight_smile: I share your concerns about about what is going on in our colleges and universities these days. Even my law partner, who is one of my very best friends but not of my religion or political party, and who also is younger than I, is terrified of what the state universities will put in his daughters’ heads when they get to college in a few years. But back to football: these presidents don’t care AT ALL about fairness in football or in seeing equal opportunity. They care about money and where they can get the most of it the fastest.

Lol all our tax dollars at work! I’m sure Notre Dame and Ohio State have more money than Texas A&M-it’s the reason they are in the CFC. Norte Dame getting routed by Clemson and Ohio State only playing 6 games. This isn’t a little crooked-its blatant. I hope they both lose

Not just lose. Lose big. Make them laughers. It’s a shame that the players know they aren’t good enough to be in the final 4 and have to play knowing this.

What a joke! Yeah, that’s what we need is Congress to step in and take care of it. They do such a great job with everything so I’m sure the ruling class will take care of the wrong’s in our society.