CFP rankings: up one spot

This wasn’t the disagreement we had. But since you brought up the point about Cincy I will address it. Cincy “might” go undefeated this year and not get into the CFP. Cincy isn’t a BYU. They are in a conference and have no games against a P5 school this year. BYU would have had 6 games against P5 schools this season. BYU would probably have gotten into the CFP if they had played the original schedule and won all their games. Certainly their schedule was tougher than Cincy’s to begin with. Comparing any G5 team to BYU with a schedule of 4-6 P5 teams on it is apples and oranges.

Some bias exists but it isn’t an obstacle that can’t be overcome with beating good teams. Winning against good teams and more importantly not losing against inferior teams (which BYU has done a lot of over the last 10 years) is the key to getting the recognition needed for the CFP.

Most people (not grasshopper) refers the term “bigots” when they are trying to do something against another group of people, say like BLM or KKK type groups.

What the CFP is doing is simply called “Greed”, or as my dad use to say “He who has the money, decides what happens”.

I personally do not like the term bigot, there is too much hate in the world right now, and according to our prophet, we need to focus on “the joy”. That is why my comment was made.

Isn’t that the truth… The CFP is nothing more than the old BCS, but they put lipstick on the pig to make people think it is better.

I heard on the radio, that some group used the old BCS rules to gauge where BYU would be in the playoffs. According to this group, BYU would have ended up being #8.

So greed of the Power 5 has risen up it ugly head once again.

That is the knock on BYU this year their SOS… at least that is what they are saying. But then again, how does Iowa State leap frog BYU when they lost to Louisiana-Layfette?
Louisiana-Layfette is worse of a team than roughly 6 of the 9 teams BYU played this year.

Stupid rules of this board… I prefer answer posts one on one, but this board put into place a 3 post maximum. Not my decision, which is one reason I dislike the new format of the board.

Not sure you heard this or not, but it was announce on Sports last night that BYU will know today if they have a game with Coastal Carolina (who is also undefeated).

Apparently Coastal is scheduled to play Liberty this weekend, but apparently several of the Liberty players have covid-19.

Not sure if that will help our SOS either, but hey, it is another game to watch.

Looks like Liberty might not cancel the game yet.

They did… BYU has a new game

Top-20 matchup a go between BYU, Coastal Carolina |

This is great news! Good for both programs. Hope BYU can win because CC is pretty good. If BYU losses it will be a big decrease in payout for a bowl game and a PR disaster. But nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Louisiana Lafayette is a pretty good team. They are 8-1 and their only loss is to … Coastal Carolina. So their win against Iowa State isn’t hurting ISU as badly as some think.

BYU better get ready to play because this will be no easy game for them.

Floyd see my comments on Louisiana Lafayette and their record. I think you will find that they are better than you think.

I see that ESPN gives us a 67% chance to win for whatever it is worth. I hope they are right. I also noted, like you did, that they beat Louisiana who beat Iowa St. The Sunbelt conference this year is probably as strong as the Mountain West at least on the top end of it. They not only have CC and Louisiana who are ranked but the also have Appalachian St. and they aren’t too far behind the other two.

Are these opinions? Cincy isn’t a BYU? Maybe not but they are undefeated and ranked higher in the polls and CFP ranking. So you may not think so but lots of others do.

How about addressing the UCF situation of going undefeated 2 years in a row and not being invited? You know, 2018 the year UCF beat Auburn in their bowl game? You know, the same Auburn that had beaten #2 Georgia and eventual “national champion” Alabama, who was #1 at the time they lost to Auburn? These are actual events that took place, not opinions or beliefs that I have. More importantly they are events that shape and formulate my opinions as I try to dig deeper into the psyche of those who control the outcomes they desperately want. It is ALL part of a big picture or puzzle if you will.

Don’t you try to understand what makes up the puzzle? or do you just look at one small section of it?

That is correct.

Knight Commission endorses FBS split from NCAA (

This independent commission recommends that football split off from the NCAA and distance itself from all other sports. It further recommends that the top level of football bluebloods govern this new league.
WFH! This is bad, very bad

I look at UCF and Cincy with the same glass. They are in a conference and don’t play P5 teams like BYU does. So the one off of beating a P5 in a bowl game is great but it is at the end of the season. New team the next year. CFP discounts that unless it happens over and over.

BYU schedules P5 teams and beats them over the course of the regular season and it ups the reputation faster than only getting a bowl game every other year against a P5. BYU has that advantage. So decently tough scheduling with P5 schools and beating them is the way to go vs a G5 conference schedule with an occasional P5 bowl game.

Check this out:
Report: 13th-ranked BYU Cougars were tentatively planning on playing 7th-ranked Cincinnati Bearcats this weekend - Deseret News