Changes to the coaching staff?

Hey folks! So, what changes, if any, should BYU make to the coaching staff this off-season? Should Bronco Mendenhall, Robert Anae and Nick Howell return? If not, who would you place in charge?

In my opinion, let’s keep the staff as is for another year.

Edwards was able to keep his staff very consistent. But was the exception that proves the rule, so to speak.That doesn’t happen much any longer. Most assistant coaches now want to be head coaches.

I think that there is a need for some changes. Better recruitment of O-Linemen is needed. There may be a need for a better conditioning coach. There seems to be far too may injuries to BYU players year after.

There may be other areas that need to be looked at.

BYU’s long-time conditioning coach retired this year so that change is a given. But Howell? Bronco promoted Howell from within. This is a guy I am sure Bronco enjoys working with and they share the same philosophy, etc. I get that part. But, in my opinion, inbreeding is a bad idea in general. I would much rather see position coaches leave for a while and get exposure under another system. They can take a job as a coordinator at a smaller school if necessary but they need to get experience outside of BYU and prove themselves rather than staying under Bronco’s protective wing.

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The defense stunk it up. Worst defense in many years. I think a coaching change there is more than in order.

I agree. I like what Bronco and staff bring to the table. They are molding men for the future.

I think this last year’s team was a great one, but so many injuries to both offense & defense would hurt “any” team. Leave the coaches where they are and give them a chance to work their magic. I like all the coaches.

The defense was very suspect even when everyone was healthy. Take a good look at those games again. They were OK but there was a lot of luck in my opinion. Our secondary was rarely challenged deep. UT State was the first ones to do that and smoked us with impunity. So in my opinion the coaches never turned their talent on D into a formidable D1 force. I think there was enough talent on the field to be much better. And then there is the no-so-special teams. Have you ever seen such poor kick coverage and return support?

I think some people have to become much, much better on the coaching staff over the summer or they need to be replaced with new people with better skills.

I think that the 2015 season is the most honestly scheduled season that we have ever had. I think that the 2013 season was the second best scheduled season we ever had. 2014 was a huge step backwards from either 2013 or 2015 seasons.

Every team has injuries. Those with the best conditioning training/coaching, have fewer injuries than those with the poorest conditioning training/coaching, (all else being equal), of course, with those unequal acceptions.

Even with the big step backwards in scheudling (give me games), we suffered humiliation in 2014.

It is easy to forgive, when scheduling is competitive. It is not so easy with such rediculus (give me) games.

If we want to be treated like a P5 team, and be respected like a P5 team, we must act like a P5 team and that starts with scheduling.

When we schedule Patsies just for an automatic win, it would be better for the fans, if the coaches just tell us we won those games without showing us how strong we are against those Patsies on the field.

Those Patsie games are not worth the time or money to watch especially when they are not even Division 1 teams. (Making excuses for scheduling Division 2 teams or worse each year, just adds to the insult.) The fans are not stupid. You can fool some of the fans all of the time. You can fool all of the fans some of the time. YOU CAN NOT FOOL ALL OF THE FANS ALL OF THE TIME.

2015 gives us a real opportunity to see what OUR coaches are made of. We have a GREAT schedule vs Michigan, vs. Nebraska, vs UCLA plus we have a few decent teams that could go either way, plus we have a few (give me) games where we did a better job hiding the fact that they are indeed, (give me) games, baring a big upset.

(NOT LONG AGO, it was announced that we were blowing all of that decent schedule by putting in a division 2., or was it division 3 or perhaps division 4 team. Since there was so much screaming and rebelling because of it, I have not heard that [ team (?) ] mentioned since that time and I do not see it on the schedule. Thank you. Thank you and again thank you if you took that team off the schedule.

Yes, I think that we should keep our full coaching staff for the 2015 season and let them work hard to prove that they are not too tired to practice, to tired to coach, and to tired to work hard the full season without giving themselves, and their assistants and therefore, the players, time off before the final seconds of the bowl game in the post 2015 season.

Family outtings, and time to heal is best after the final game of the post season. If one needs to heal, that one player should take time off and use his replacement or back up to continue. Don’t give the full team time off until after the season.

If the coaches are too tired, to work the full season, without taking time off and blaming that time off onto the needs of the team, than perhaps they should find a high school to teach/coach in where that high school has no asperations for their players to be discovered on the University level.

After the final game of the 2015 season has been played, and the team has done well, considering the tougher strength of schedule and winning at least half of the four toughest teams on the schedule, than we should all get behind our coaches and give them all the praise they deserve and perhaps an extended contract and/or pay raise.

On the other hand, if they are too tired to work the full schedule without taking time off, than perhaps they would be happier in coaching in a small rurla high school.