Child’s not drafted

Another religious bigoted act by the leftwing Democrat NBA… :upside_down_face:

Possible, but maybe Child’s isn’t as good as we think he is. I am not sure he had enough of a 3 point shot given his size. I know he hit quite a few threes last season but the NBA line is further out and I think teams just gave him the 3 last year because BYU had a lot of 3 point shooters other teams had to worry about. He is also a lousy free throw shooter and if he has to play inside and draws a lot of fouls that could be a factor. At 6’8" he probably lacks the size to guard NBA post players and the quickness to cover wings.

I agree with you on the NBA but I was never sure Childs was a great NBA prospect. He was a great college player. I don’t follow the NBA even a little bit anymore. It is a cesspool and I was done with them about 10 years ago. He is probably just as well off staying out the NBA and their woke culture and BLM dominated mindset. He can go to Europe and make a lot of money and keep playing the game he loves without having to be involved in the NBA politics.

The reports out of the camps and tryouts he has all he needs to play in the NBA. And, most NBA players shoot free throws poorly. He will get picked up by a team and play.

So how did the notion of sticking around and playing his senior year so he could gain more experience for the “NBA” work out for him?

You were convinced that he would make it if he stuck around for his senior year.

He will latch on to a team. Lakers were interested. So are many others.

any word on what Jake Toolson’s plans are?
any evidence to support that the NBA teams each made a decision based on bigotry of any form? left wing? religious? or political?

He’s trying out for the G league. Yolie will get picked up unless there is systemic religious bigotry in the NBA

Yeah, they want to bring Yoli in to compete for a spot with Davis and Montrez Harrell now. I’m sure he’s got a really good chance of signing with the Lakers. :crazy_face:

good evaluation. Childs knock is his FT % and his low release on 3s, anyone can get a hand on that shot.
The NBA has changed. Gone is the structured Center, Forwards and guards. Today’s game is basically 5 guys that can shoot outside or explode inside. Childs needs a great 3 to compete in today’s NBA. He will make a ton of $$ in Europe.

Jimmer never was an NBA player

Toolson is far too slow for any NBA chance.
Sam Merrell was equal to Toolson shooting wise but far better defender…The Coach and I worked him out. I predict that he will bench sit if he sticks.

Jimmer was never given a chance. Racism and religious bigotry.

Child’s shot 48% from 3’s. His shot wasn’t blocked in College against bigger players. Just religious bigotry.

Then why did Jazz sign him?

My reading skills are slipping, which he are you referring to? Childs? Merrell? Toolson?

I don’t think Childs was any better than Mika and Mika couldn’t make it in the NBA and was bigger than Childs. If Mika had stayed 4 years he would have had career college stats comparable to Childs’ numbers. His stats through his first 2 years were actually better than Childs’ stats. That’s not any knock on Childs its just my analysis based on what I saw of the two and a statistical comparison. There is no question Mika was the best of the Lone Peak 3.

It would be nice if Yoeli could realize his dream but I wouldn’t wish the NBA on anybody if they can make a ton of money in Europe and play regularly rather than waste away on the bench in the NBA and have to put with the NBA woke culture.

He signed with the Washington Wizards. And, Toolson signed with the Jazz.

What does that even mean? Really… he “signed” with the (fill in the blank). It really means very little until a player actually makes a roster.

It means there is hope…He seems he has faith and charity too.

It doesn’t mean a whole lot-a lot of BYU players follow this rout and end up elsewhere. Toolson will for sure