Clemson offense is creative

Watching the creative offense of Clemson with their running QB, we need to learn their plays. And, Wilson needs to learn to do his progressions. If he did we could have won the bowl game.

Wilson doesn’t have the talent and grit to win close games. He falls apart when the pressure is on. LSU surely had more offense tonight in the Championship game. Clemson does have a creative offense but it wasn’t enough against the LSU Tigers. Congratulation to LSU.

Nonsense. He won big games in overtime against P5 teams. He was injured in the USC game so he dealt with issues. He will be healthy and ready next year.
Lawrence simply was overthrowing his receivers. He will be fine in the future.

It isn’t hard to look creative when you have the type of talent that Clemson and LSU have. They have 4 and 5 star recruits at every position. They are just superior athletes and execute the plays better. If BYU had more play makers they would look more creative.

Wilson has plenty of talent he just hasn’t produced as he we have expected. A lot people have plenty of talent but never turn into stars. Jake Heaps is a perfect example. Wilson has shown flashes of what he can be. He has a great arm and speed and mobility. The physical ability is there.

USC, Tennessee…enough said. We would have beat Toledo if he didn’t get hurt. We would have then beat UFS. Wilson would have beat Boise as well.

But on Monday night LSU won it all.

Wilson, coulda,’ shouda.

The Clemson offense was good enough to stay with LSU. But, the QB threw 13 passes high. Happens in big games to some. Next year I’m sure he won’t do that. But, the offense schemes were great.