Coach K's 1000 Victories

Coach K is a great coach and a great guy. I congratulate him on his 1000th victory. One thing that I was thinking is: How good would he be if he had the talent of BYU through the years? (This does not include his recruiting ability, just how he would do with the exact players that we have had at BYU)
I think that he would have done only slightly better than Rose. I think that a lot of his 1000 victories are due to the fact that he has had some of the best players in the country to work with.
Next question: How would Rose have done at Duke with the exact same players that they have had? I actually think that he would have done OK. The best players at all positions make any coach look better.
It would be interesting to see how much difference the best coach in the country would make with our team this year. Are we underachieving, or do we just have a bad mix of players? Would we play better putting a different lineup on the floor rather than 4 guards? How could we be so bad in the paint or is Coach Rose and Pope just not able to develop big men or get the best out of our players?

Great coach. Bad post players. And Coach Pope is VERY well regarded within the D1 coaching community for his work with post players. IMHO the coaches we have are doing the best they can with what they have this year. They will likely win 20 games with a team of all guards. It is great that we expect so much of Coach Rose that we view 20 wins as a lousy season.