Coaching changes a problem…

All these coaching changes before the end of the season and bowl games seems to be a problem. Players losing their coach before the big games is very inappropriate for the players, universities and fans. Zero gratitude. What can be done?

No different than most other aspects of our culture and society currently. You ask the question “what can be done?” and it is the same answer for any question about what is wrong with society today. The answer is nothing, nothing will be done. It can be but it won’t be.

What are seeing in all of society is increasing instability, madness, and chaos in every segment. It is foretold in the prophecies and all you have to do is read the scriptures and observe what is taking place. No institutions of man will change it unless a majority insists on honorable behavior and that requires faith in, and obedience to God.

Totally agree.

It is refreshing to read posts from someone that you agree with more than 99% of the time.

Thank you.

Isn’t it all about fame and $$$$$$.??? I liked LSU with Louisiana HC Ed Odgeron. Now they hire the Notre Dame #5 $$$$$ HC who came for the more $$$$$ and fame. I hope he learns a lesson in the NFL-SEC. Notre Dame wins a lot of games, usually more home games than on the road, half of them patsies. They did lose to Cinn. U at Notre Dame and got ranked at No. 5 by the CFP Committee. So it goes in sports $$$$$. Oh, by the way, doesn’t Notre Dame still owe BYU a game in Provo?

There is no reason for Pitt and Utard passing us up and squeezing us out of a New Year 6 bowl game.

It’s called fallout for being independent and kneeling down before the powers that run college football. They know that the money grubbing and power game isn’t part of BYU’s ultimate motivation so they throw them the scraps and leftovers.

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ESPN to Holmoe: “we help you line up P5 games and TV rights, and you agree to help us fill a slot on a garbage bowl every year. As an Indy you can’t go to a good bowl anyway.”
Holmoe: “Ok.”

Holmoe: Get me outta this mess! Big 12: We got your back…in a year or two.
As for next year,
2023 BYU Football Schedule |
put me down for 9-2


Definitely looks like a workable schedule next year with a few good P5 teams, a few good G5 teams, and a few layups.

After watching BYUSports Nation today, I am chagrined at their discussion at how much effort MIGHT be taking to retain Sitaki. IF TRUE, I am disappointed with myself (as a fan), with BYU and the Church. Where does it stop. A man’s word no long means anything. A contract and a contract extension is worthless these days. If under his current contract extension, Sitaki now feels underappreciated then go to Oregon, or wherever and get you more money. Under that situation, appreciation is not the goal. The goal is money. But mostly, I have to take a look at my being a fan(atic) for BYU FB and decide to re-evaluate my fandom. I was really appalled at what was said to keep Sitaki (or anyone) at BYU. While I believe that all the coaches need to be paid well, if money is the goal - then go somewhere else and get your money.

It’s difficult to start being successful and keep the same character and not get caught up in only looking at themselves through their wealth and comparing that with others. However, it’s not just about you the head coach. It’s about how your assistants are valued too. If they are barely getting by on their salaries then maybe you want to take a job where your assistants will benefit. So, re-negotiating your contract may be necessary. Maybe Sitaki is doing that for his assistants. Just a thought.

Yeah, I guess it is really difficult getting by on $100,000 to $300,000 per year, in Utah

Kalani Sitake goes to Oregon.
Bronco comes back to BYU.
I die laughing.

Sitake is actually negotiating for his assistant coaches. If not now, when?

This is the perfect time to take care of them. For those who don’t like it there is nothing wrong with people leaving to make their dreams come true. That’s why we went to college in the first place

Lots of talk here in Oregon about the Ducks’ interest in Sitake. I don’t care what anyone says about “loyalty,” if he’s making say $1.5m with a promise from Holmoe to go to say $3m/year, and the Ducks offer him a fully guaranteed deal for say $65m for 8 years, he could be gone. The days of great coaches staying 30 years and making good money, but not that much more than their neighbors (LaVell, Bear Bryant, JoePa, Bowden, etc.), are OVER. I don’t think it’s a very good commentary on our culture that we value money in sports more than the life lessons that come from sport, but that’s another thread. But having lived in Portland and Salem for the last 40+ years, I would tell Kalani this: UofO could be a very difficult environment for a conservative Christian like Kalani. We are not talking about “left leaning liberals”–including my law partner, several of our employees, and half my siblings–all of whom treat my religious and cultural beliefs with total respect, and none of whom I’ve ever had a single disagreeable conversation with–I’m talking about an environment of extreme fanaticism that will be thrown in Kalani’s, his wife’s, and even his kids’ faces daily. Anyone who moves anywhere for a job has to consider these things, and I’d say maybe only San Francisco is more culturally extreme than Eugene. I don’t think Kalani will wind up in Eugene because I think they will offer the job and GIANT $$$ to someone else, but it will be interesting if his name keeps coming up.

But maybe the new Ducks’ coach wants to play a full time prevent D and hires you know who. :slight_smile:

If the big money is his thing then go your way and may the Lord bless you. But if that is who you are then we do not want you either. Now if this ideal is no longer true for BYU then I really need to re-evaluate my loyalty to BYU and to the FB program. I do not support or watch / listen to sports except for BYU. Cannot stand the money-grubbing that 99.5% of the other colleges and 100% of the pros are grubbing for.

I have to agree with you Arkie and this last comment is what has tainted sports across the board. Sport is no longer sport. It is entertainment and nothing more. The athletes are paid to entertain people, not to participate in the true spirit of sports competition like they used to do. I know Grasshopper and many others will disagree with me because there is a general feeling and consensus around here that going after the money, fulfilling misguided hopes and dreams and living an extravagant lifestyle is something to be admired or sought after. It is unfortunate that a large percentage of lds think this aspiration is good. There is a marked difference between needs and wants and it is apparent that our culture (both in and out of the church) crossed that mark a long time ago.

As a collective whole, we are only a few steps behind the world and it is disappointing. I am absolutely sure Heavenly Father does not approve of it either.

■■■■ Harmon is reporting that Oregon has asked for BYU’s permission to interview Kalani

Nice. Gotta love the autocensor feature. Make that RICHARD Harmon