Coastal Carolina

Deseret News is reporting that the Cougars will indeed play Coastal Carolina this Saturday at 3:30 MST on ESPNU.

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Top-20 matchup a go between BYU, Coastal Carolina |

“a win for BYU could show the notoriously incredulous committee that their schedule — which was torn apart after three teams from the Pac-12, one from the Big Ten and one from the SEC canceled what was billed as arguably the toughest schedule in BYU football history — has the merits of a top-tier team deserving of playing on college football’s grandest showcase”

This quote from the article addressed by Floyd points out the CFP Committee bias toward BYU and our efforts to play on in spite of that bias. I am not sure that even a convincing win over ranked Coastal Carolina on their home turf will change that bias, but I support that effort whole heartedly and will be rooting for BYU on Saturday with great enthusiasm. GO COUGARS!

This game will be good for BYU and CC. Our boys want to play football. They have worked hard and this is a good football team in CC. They aren’t a P5 but are highly ranked and it will boost our SOS. It just gives a little more pressure on the CFP committee but you have to know that the whole committee is rooting for Coastal Carolina and this game will be highly watched … wouldn’t surprise me if they move it onto ESPN.

Just reading the stats for the one common opponent, Tx St., it appears the outcome was about the same in terms of the score and the stats. The one difference is that BYU played Tx St at home and CC played them on the road. If BYU wins it should help their ranking and maybe solidify a NY6 bowl bid.

Well, we have to travel there and that is less time to prepare on the field. CC has that advantage.

Yep the advantage is to CC. Home field, good offense vs what I believe is a just average BYU defense. Sitake better be calling the defensive plays or BYU will go home with their tail between their legs. I think this game is a toss up. But the match up will give BYU the opportunity to show the country what kind of team they really have. They have been asking for it and they got their wish! We are healthy and there are no excuses. If we get beat it will give the CFP a lot of bravado and they will be hesitant to give BYU any slack at all over the next 5 years. A loss will also put Wilson out of the first round. He might even come back to BYU next year. Lots of ramifications that are lots bigger than just one game. This is the biggest game since Oklahoma in Dallas for the BYU program.

If BYU wins convincingly it will be major news and tons of pressure on the CFP committee!

It’s not rocket science-it’s like most other games-it will be won or lost on the line of scrimmage, both offensively and defensively. It’s a good game for BYU no matter where it’s played and excuses are irrelevant. Not sure if any fans are allowed, but home field or court in football and basketball isn’t as much as a mitigating factor. “Any time any place” it’s the way it should be!

Here are some additional CC advantages have:

  1. Travel lag (Jet Lag) going across time zones (they are three hour ahead of us) can cause some issues.
  2. Climate - Carolina’s is a my humid climate, coming from a dry climate can have issues for the players like cramping, etc. Better bring the Pickle juice.
  3. As Grasshopper said Short time to prepare for the team. Although I read an article that the Equipment semi rolled out of Provo early this morning, so I am thinking they knew before today that there was a good chance to play CC.

I 100% agree. The only thing we have going for us is they also don’t have time to really prepare.

In looking at their schedule CC appears to have 2 good wins over Louisiana (Lafayette) & Appalachian St. Both were close games. The one over Louisiana was on a last second walk off field goal. They were trailing App in the 4th 1/4 at home. The rest of their wins were over weak teams like most of ours have been. They beat Kansas but only by 15 points. Kansas is 0-8 and everybody else they played beat them by a lot more. Kansas is really bad and probably worse than at least 1/2 the teams BYU has beaten.

It’s a winnable game for sure but also a dangerous one. I am more nervous about this one than the Houston and Boise games because there is so much riding on it.

Should be a good game! Then, BYU Basketball plays USU at their place. Great for competitors.

Hawk: I disagree that this game is a toss up. BYU opened favored by 10 and I think that’s generous for CC. Our roster is full of future NFL talent and BYU has been talking a big game this year. I agree, however, that if left to Tuiaki, CC will dominate TOP and pass for 350+ yards–we will score but CC will have the ball so much that the best we can hope for is a close win (see 1st half of UH game this year). However, if Sitake dials up pressure, CC may bust a couple longer passes but we will disrupt their freshman QB and blow them out.

On your other point: 100% agree that CFP committee members will all be wearing CC hoodies and be asking the officials for their venmo accounts. This game could cost the CFP $4m-$5m that will go to their own conferences if BYU loses. But heaven forbid if BYU wins big, the CFP guys look like complete clowns/idiots/(insert derogatory term here) and will be SHAMED by the media, and with collective sourpuss faces hold their noses and move BYU up a few spots into solid NY6 game territory.

I hope you and Vegas are correct. I am gun-shy with BYU football almost always thinking they are better than they really are. But if there is a better environment to get them to focus on the task at hand with tons of pressure … I don’t see it. This type of game is exactly what good football coaches and players want! They have the opportunity to show what they are made of. Now the coaches and players have to perform. Great situation to be in.

BYU will be jumping into national coverage with College Football GameDay on ESPN as well. That’s going to gain them a ton of recognition and a lot of eyes.

A win here will really make the CFP committee have to check their briefs…they will be exposed for the crap they’ve spewed. Can’t wait!!!

I agree on the exposure and the upside. It will
Be a great college tv environment. But we can’t forget that the downside might be worse than the upside. We have to take the risk but it will be costly in a lot of ways if we lose!

Is this an opiinion?

I BELIEVE the game benefits CC more than BYU. If BYU wins, I BELIEVE it does little to change their position in the college football rankings and CFP ranking. If BYU loses, I BELIEVE any momentum they gained for next season and after is completely gone.

I BELIEVE if CC wins they have made a huge step in a positive direction for their program. If they lose, nobody will think a thing about it because BYU has beaten a lot of patsies this season.

And now you are agreeing with the Hopper… what in the world happened to you?

Sitake has been calling all the plays since Tuiaki went up into the booth. In the Boise game, Sitake called the defense.

I was surprised BYU traveled to CC. But after listening to Tom H, Liberty was key in getting this game scheduled. Their QB had Covid, gameday was already set to be there so they had BYU just step in and BYU was game. Love Holmoe, the be AD in all the land, love Sitake and co to have the balls to do this.
I’ll do a scout of CC but I doubt that they can stand up to our Oline. BYU has been a juggernaut all season long. As for the weather, It is December. So dang pleasent out there this time of year. I may just fly out and get some Red fishing in while I take in the game.

Soulless clowns.

Holmoe went into detail about the Liberty, CC and BYU relationship…Liberty is going to get some major dividends from ESPN down the road…CC has a certain president, anyone care to tell me who he might be???
The GGrandson of Ezra Taft Benson and a BYU grad…There is a lot of love in this tringle and a lot of distain for the CFP. CC is willing as they were froze out of the NY6, this gives them a fighter’s chance. Liberty was going to get worked so they defer and get a deal with ESPN, BYU gets the chance they have been looking for since Wash pussed out.

Dr. Michael T. Benson tapped as new president of Coastal Carolina University (

Glass half full, baby!!! I don’t worry about the downside, because I think that if we didn’t have this game, even with a rout of SDSU, the committee leaves us out of the NY6 bowls; I think that if we lose this game we play in the same ESPN bowl we would have played in without this game, but if we win this game (and SDSU of course), there is no leaving BYU out of the NY6. and that means a few extra million $ for our athletic department which, like many, desperately needs it right now.