Colby Lee recruited a center
Colby Lee looks like a big body that can play some defense and rebound well. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a highlight video where the only shots are dunks. Does Colby have any touch from 5-10 feet from the basket? Can he make a free throw? Who knows? But, he can dunk! I suspect he didn’t get to be a 4 star player without being a decent shooter. I would have liked to have seen how else he manages to score besides dunks. Anyone ever see this kid play a game against other talented bigs? How did he match up?

He can dunk and swat very well. Not sure if Dave Rose worry too much about his shooting. The next Slamma Jamma starting in 2019.

I prefer (though I don’t really listen to it regularly) some rap beat music when I am watching a basketball highlight video… even if it is a slow, white guy with lead feet. At 6’8", I am surprised how close he comes to missing some of those dunks. He isn’t exactly throwing it down.

I see a “project” when I watch it. I need to see more than dunks.

Since Kaufusi left for football, do we have some good “big” men?

Kaufsi is going to be fun to see on the court again. They said he put on 20- 30 lbs! He was 260 before, right? So that puts him up around 280-290 lbs. He should be able to bang pretty well with Karnowski at Gonzaga. Although he’ll probably have foul issues again this year.

I thought he moved over to Football?

right now Kaufusi is listed as a 2 sport player.

I would think that he stays with football if this season turns out good for him as a Def. End…just me

Thanks Fish, because all they talked about on the local sports is that he “switched”…

Floyd, the article I read (and that was quite some time ago) was that he would rejoin the basketball team at the conclusion of football season. I’m not sure if things have changed since then.

Well maybe banging heads in football, will make him a “banger” in Basketball :smile:

Another thread gone awry…

This started out as a discussion about the recruiting of a player who can dunk (barely) at 6’8" and now it is about whether or not Kaufusi is going to play again?

I just hope BYU is putting together a team that can compete for a wcc title… others have them as a final four in a couple years. :astonished:

well from the original post, I thought the dude was a Big guy, with Kaufusi gone, I was wondering what bigs we had left.

because last year it seemed that was one of our weaknesses.

Yes, definitely a weakness.

We need some guys that can play close to the basket. If a team wants to go very far they need that. It makes it easier for the outside game if you have an inside threat.

Colby is listed at 270, 6’ 9. He is ranked top 20 center in the nation and a 4 star by some ranking agencies. Definitely a big get for Rose.

I looks slow and lumbering to me but at the same time, he has excellent court sense and good timing. Remember SMC’s Waldo?

Good point! He is ranked a top 20 center and is a 4 star recruit. His highlight video doesn’t show the skills of a guy that is a top 20 center. Kaufusi can dunk even better but wouldn’t get that kind of ranking with his game so far (although he’s got terrific athleticism). Colby doesn’t run the floor that well but you wouldn’t expect a guy his size to run that well. I just think there is a good chance that his highlight video doesn’t do his game justice. I’d love to hear from someone who has seen him play that could give us the scoop.

Like you said, good point! Maybe there are other videos out there?
From video I’ve been able to look at, Kolby looks a lot like Kyle Davis. He’s heavier than Kyle but looks to be a similar type of player. For a 4 star recruit, why didn’t he have more recruiting interest? He was recruited by BYU, Boise, UC Davis.

Boise State and UC Davis?

Now that is some stiff competition…

He doesn’t look like a 4 star recruit at all. Rose must see something in him that we haven’t seen yet.