College football conference title game restrictions to be relaxed by 2016 - 7 Apr


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This may not be as bad for BYU as it appears at first. It looks like the ACC wants to dump the division format and play a championship game with their two best teams. The ACC has had trouble with their divisions. It seems that they have schools right next to each-other, like Wake Forest and NC State, that always play in separate divisions.

Of course, it will give the Big 12 one less reason to expand, but it also gives the Big 12 one less reason to exclude BYU because there will be no worry about how to break up into divisions if they do not have to.

This has been going on at the FCS level recently. The Big Sky Conference has 13 football members and does not break into divisions. They have a rotating schedule that ensures that each teams will always play their two closest neighbors. Weber State, for example, will always play Idaho State and Southern Utah. Then they play everyone else twice over a four year period. WSU also has an agreement to play Sacramento State as a non-conference game when they are not scheduled to play in-conference.