Come on FANS! Where are you?

Let’s get some excitement going here! Ya, it’s only one half of the game but 28-3 with great defense too!

Pretty sad no one comments. 49 points! Wilson 8.1 per pass and 16-24. BYU 474 total yards! Romney makes great catch and doesn’t drop the beautiful pass from Wilson.

The coaches are in shock! The fans are dumbfounded, and the team is fired up. What a difference one position can make on a football team. The Hall kid is just as good as Wilson and by next year he may be better. He is actually a bigger arm and quicker feet. Our problem, based on what I saw in practice, is how BYU will avoid having a Hall or Wilson transfer to another school for playing time.

Anyway, I still think our DC needs to go. Sitake is a good head coach because he is a great recruiter but he has to have 2 really good coordinators under him to pull it off. We probably lose to Utah this year and we may lose to BSU but Wilson will help this teams confidence. The coaches are going to eat some crow but better for that to happen than lose their jobs.

Critchlow is a much better passer than Mangum and he is just as good as Wilson … but he has no mobility but if you were going to play Tanner … Critch should have been the starter instead … of course that would only be if you were in the camp of refusing to start a freshman. I haven’t been in that camp ever!

Since basketball is just around the corner … I want to remind people that I thought Chatman and Calvert and Beo and Dastrup and a couple other players over the years should have been kept by Rose. I would bench Haws or Emery or anyone else who doesn’t play defense or goes hero ball on the team. I mean sit them down for 5 min so they get the point. Frankly I think Rose has had winning options and possible stars who he pushed off the team over the years. He doesnt develop players and I think Quincy Lewis would be a way better coach. So, people will get mad, but we have a lot more upside in our basketball program than Rose is capable of getting out of it. I think the results would be immediate if a change was made. I blame Holmoe for not making a change in the bb program.