Congratulations Andy Reid and Daniel Sorensen

Congrats Reid and Sorensen for making it to the 2020 Super Bowl. Sorensen has been outstanding in the playoffs. If the Niners defeat the Packers, Fred Warner will be capping off a great 2nd year

Who are you rooting for? I’m a 49ers fan but it would be okay to see Reid win a Super Bowl.

Long time Niner fan but KC for me this year

Sorensen married the Halford gal from our stake. He always comes and plays church ball after the season is over, in our playoffs. When I am playing against this dude and he tears us a new one, I always make it a point to congratulate him on his success and then tell him, “If you are going to play Church Ball, which I KNOW is breaking your NFL contract on do’s and don’ts during the off season, It could cost you 50 Million, Is it worth it if you get injured?” Fist bump, big smile then he looks for the biggest guy to jump over.

Go Reid, Go Sorenson, Go Mahomes.

Don’t count the 9ers out, they buzz sawed at good GB Packer team and only threw the ball 8 times. Unheard of stat

I got my wish having 49ers and Chiefs in the Super Bowl. Long time 49ers fan - home town in Marin County Bay Area. And long time Cougar Fan for Andy Ried, Daniel Sorenson and now Fred Warner today. Who ever wins this big game and I am happy for them.

Yeh I’m a 49er fan, but I want this one for Reid and Sorensen-so deserving

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That is a no lose game😉
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