Congratulations to the athletics program at BYU

They won their fourth consecutive wcc commissioners cup, given to the athletic program in the wcc that is the most successful overall.

Big thanks to the women’s half of the contribution.

In 2015-16, the Cougars captured outright West Coast Conference championships in men’s cross country, women’s basketball, women’s golf, women’s soccer, softball and volleyball to go along with shared titles in baseball and women’s cross country.

Well… at least the men won a title in cross country.

Sounds like the referees and league are pretty good to us after all :wink:

Not in the sports that matter.

But yeah… I guess those cross country referees are pretty objective.

Jim H. Does grasshopper ever think?

Of course. I’m pract my the only one in here that thinks with his head and not with his emotions:)

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The words of a truly delusional individual… looking forward to game 7 tomorrow I’m sure.

I won’t be watching. I still have my promise of no sports on sunday, playing or watching…

Well, the best team will win. No fix or rigged game. The NBA is fantastic!

Had to verify what I thought would likely happen.

Lebron seals his legacy as the greatest player EVER in the history of the NBA!!!

First team to come back from a 3-1 deficit in the history of the league!!!

So he gets whistled for one foul, Cleveland called for 15 (had to try and keep it even) and Golden State 23. Cleveland shoots 25 free throws, Golden State shoots 13.

Time for the nba to start looking for and scripting their next storybook ending. What can they come up with for an encore?

Just another religion to distract people from what is happening in the real world. As time goes forward… we will see more and more of this stuff.

Go ahead and start coming up with the shooting % and 3 point % and whatever reason they “outplayed” Golden State… oh wait, the stats don’t add up.

Cleveland is going to be a scary place tonight…

The best team won tonight. Steve Kerr is a class act as he said just that. No excuses.

It was clear in the 4th quarter that Cleveland played with more confidence and concentration. Curry and Thompson shot poorly and made some mistakes that looked as if he was distracted. Sloppy turnovers. There was a reason that there was a foul shot discrepancy and it wasn’t the referees. GS gave that game away.

Kerr is an employee of the nba show, as are all of the players, coaches and announcers. More importantly the officials are the most important and significant employees of the league. The money machine depends on them more than any group, including players, to help facilitate the results the league wants.

A better story and storybook ending could only have happened if it was scripted. Nobody was going to stop Adam Silver from solidifying Lebron’s legacy and giving Cleveland what they were so desperate to get. It is like being in the Magic Kingdom and tripping to fantasyland.

Too funny…