Congratulations to the U of U

The University of Utah and Planned Parenthood have combined to celebrate Sex Week next week in conjunction with Valentines Day. There is a contest and the winner gets free contraception for one year. Free condoms are being handed out to all students who want them. Congratulations everyone, your tax dollars are paying for this, at this state run university and many others throughout the country. There is also another class being offered about swearing in communication. It is a pro swearing class. that should help people get jobs.
I know this is off topic but how many of you would see it?

Another low for the U in its quest to show that it is not BYU. An Oregon State fan recently said, “So BYU is where all the good Mormon kids go, and UofU is for all the people in Utah who hate Mormons, right?” That is the very common perception here for people who don’t know much about either school. UofU appears determined to show that it is everything–and I mean EVERYTHING–that BYU is not. I will never forget my visit to a Ute basketball team party during my senior year in High School; Lynn Archibald was the coach and I was good friends with his nephew, who talked me into driving out just for kicks (coupla 17 year old kids driving from Oregon to Utah in a new Mustang Cobra; it didn’t suck)–at the team party a bunch of the guys were all snorting coke–out in the open, like it was no big deal, with some team staff there with them. That told me all I needed to know. And that was 30 years ago. They are still trying to prove something I guess.

So to qualify this for a basketball post, I will thank Ute hoops for the court side seats in 1984.

I’d rather have free condoms handed out than unwed mothers any day

So that is what it has come to?

We now settle for lazy morals, just like the lazy recruiting?

No reason to have any standards of decency anymore… just follow the crowd.

I would see it. Well, U of U is another Telestial World…

How about handing out the Book of Mormon instead?

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It’s not an either or situation like you are trying to make it. You can’t force your morals and values on others, but you can provide free contraception to those who are going to do that anyway and help prevent some unwanted pregnancies to people who have no business having kids

They already are handed out all over the place, yet people keep having unwanted pregnancies anyway. Keep handing them out, and hand out contraception as well,
Could save a few unwanted pregnancies from happening

At that age I really doubt it. If an adult doesn’t want to get pregnant then don’t have sex.

So KC how do you tell the difference between the girls at BYU and the girls at the U.? The girls at BYU are looking for a Husband and the girls at the U are looking for the father.

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KC do you know that in Chicago this year there were more black abortions than black live births?

You can hand out free condoms all day long but there are still a lot of kids who just won’t use them… in spite of the negative results.

I guess we’ve given up on teaching correct principles and letting people govern themselves as well.

It isn’t about “forcing morals”… it is about teaching proper morals and you can’t argue truth and righteousness. Some things are just the way they are because that is the way God made it.

I didn’t know that, sounds like planned parenthood there should hand out more free condoms so they perform less abortions. Or do some of you prefer the current trend over free contraception?

Exactly, you can’t force anyone to do anything they don’t want to do. It’s why handing out free condoms isn’t going to convince people to have sex, but it may save a few unwanted pregnancies with those who are going to have sex anyway. I’m all for finish multiple ways to decrease the amount of unwanted pregnancies in the world.

So, maybe at the next Ward social put a bottle of vodka on every table. It won’t make anyone drink it but it may tempt some to try. We are talking about hormonal young college students. You aren’t that far removed from that age to know feelings of temptation are strong. If they won’t get pregnant then inomenta of weakness some kids may faulter because they won’t get pregnant. Why temptest them? Get thee behind us Satan!!!

More words of wisdom from the resident Cougarfan progressive. You wrote the following:

“I didn’t know that, sounds like planned parenthood there should hand out more free condoms so they perform less abortions. Or do some of you prefer the current trend over free contraception?”

It’s not an either or proposition. Planned Parenthood shouldn’t be doing either. You who are so worldly wise surely know that the mother of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, advocated eugenics and the “weeding out of inferior races.” Planned Parenthood was founded by a racist. Planned Parenthood receives government funding through our tax dollars.

If you want condoms handed out donate your own money and hand them out yourself. Isn’t it ironic that the U has partnered with an organization whose founder wanted to eliminate the black race. Planned Parenthood didn’t perform abortions in the beginning because even Sanger, who was a radical feminist, couldn’t stomach abortion but the clinics have carried out her work by aborting a vastly disproportionate number of black babies as opposed to white babies and lunatics like Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstien, and Nancy Pelosi accuse anybody who wants to eliminate Planned Parenthood of waging a war on women.

Isn’t it also interesting that the Democratic Party has partnered with Plan Parenthood while they have kept blacks in poverty inside the ghettos where they kill each other. There are still good Democrats that need to wake up and smell the roses about their party. They are nuts if they vote for Hillary or Sanders.

I’ll throw in my 2 cents about Planned Parenthood and handing out condoms at college events. One of the unintended consequences of the sexual revolution that got started in the late 1960’s was the whole shift to general acceptance of pre-marital sex. Sexual attraction and conventional family values used to play a big role in motivating young adults to commit to each other through marriage. Since the sexual revolution, the trend has steadily grown towards acceptance of recreational sex. In today’s society, young adults can enjoy sexual gratification without the commitment to marriage and family. The progressives are fine with this as it means young adults can pursue their careers without the burden of parenthood and families. Afterall, its about ‘self fulfillment’ and reigning in the population explosion and its affect on climate change, etc. The unintended consequence is the dramatic drop in birthrate in all the developed countries. The long-term effect of this low birthrate is that the global population will peak by 2065 and then drop logarithmically. The low birthrate and decline in the family unit will fundamentally transform society and have devastating long-term economic effects as entire nations age and decline as is beginning to happen in China and Japan right now. Anyway, I could get into this further and I am not even addressing the religious aspects and the impact of recreational sex on family values. All I am saying is that truly forward thinking progressives need to come to grips with the fact that recreational sex is not good for society longterm and they need to stop promoting it by handing out condoms like candy.

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The politicians don’t care about the society. They only want power and control over people. And, some want genocide a different way without killing adults. It’s sick and perverse and if Obama gets his way with a SCOTUS appointment it’s going downhill fast. Anarchy to follow.

You are right about that. The national debt has just chugged past $19 trillion and congress just passed an omnibus spending bill that essentially gave Obama all the funding he wanted for the rest of his term. Unfortunately, both the Democrats and Republicans are to blame for this. But what do they care as long as they get their money. The Clinton’s epitomize all that’s wrong with the career politician. When a couple that never worked outside of state and federal service ends up with $100+ million accounts, they are gaming the system and profiting from their influence. People are getting fed up with self-serving public servants and their flawed ideology and social experimentation at our expense.