Conover entering the portal

Looks like Jacob Conover has entered the transfer portal according to the deseret news

I think this is just the beginning, I believe a lot of players are not happy with our coaches and some of their decisions.

We have already loss two quality recruits so far.

And we will gain a lot of transfers and recruits as well. I agree that the coaches we have, including Sitaki, did not have the head coaching (assistant head coaching too) experience that has caused issues. I remember the first year Sitaki was coaching and was asked how to fix the offense after Katoa had a good game, he said Katoa’s name as the way to score more. But, the next game he was a bust.

Hopefully, we can get both assistant coaches replaced with better experience and success. The extra money from the Big 12 will give more money for coaches pay to bring in better coaching.

I am not surprised in the least. I’ve been on the record, saying that I don’t agree with any kind of coaching, but does not play the back up at every opportunity to give that back up experience. You’re one play away from your starting quarterback getting injured. What happen with Conover this year was absolute stupidity.

Having said that, I don’t think that we have a mass transfer problem. It just doesn’t feel that way and it depends on who we get as a DC to know whether we can recruit quality defensive players this coming year. Heading into the big 12 we should get a pretty good bump in recruiting.

I am not sure how true it is, but I have heard from some big time boosters that some of the offensive players were not happy with ARod decision of who was starting. Brooks name came up a lot when he was clearly not the best RB and then not using the FB to help open holes.

Like I said, all rumors.

We rarely used a FB. So, I doubt that is a reliable quote. And, for the most part, Brooks was the best RB. Davis had a great game and then got injured. So did Brooks. I think Connover is a pinhead for doing this now. Good riddance. I’m sure he knows the coach is going after a better QB with more mobility as well. I’m not worried about transfers. We lose some and gain some.

Regarding Connover’s transfer. the writing has been on the wall for a while. Seems to me that he has been strung along for a year or so. And then not to get playing time this year said to me that the coaches do not respect his ability. At least he was smart enough to realize it. As for his timing in announcing his transfer - good for him. Hope he has a hell of a lot of success where ever he goes. I think dark days are ahead for BYU in its first years in the Big 12. Given the head-scratching moves and plays this year, I think the HC and coaching on down is average or slightly above average.

It kind of reminds me of Bronco and his decisions with Nelson and Heaps. Played Riley while he had a bad back,

Fast forward to 2022 and ARod plays Hall who is hurt and does not play a healthy 4 star QB Conover. What is up with that?

I think that Brooks proved himself fairly well. He was injured so who knows. All I know is that I NEVER want to see a 3rd and short with Katoa again.

did you see campbell barrington is entering the portal?

he was a freshman all american at BYU

something is a miss in 4ye football program.

Floyd, I have to admit I was shocked to hear about Barrington. Holker, Conover and Fall are no surprise at all for various reasons (Holker: sounds like a lot of family pressure and BYU rarely uses the TE anymore in the passing game, Conover clearly not trusted or valued by the OC, and Fall never gonna crack the starting lineup).

I can kind of understand why players who have talent like Conover goes into the Transfer portal. they want to play and in Conover case, I think ARod did a disservice to both Hall and Conover by not allowing Hall to fully recover from his injuries.

Barrington is a sign to me that there is something definitely wrong going on behind the scenes at BYU. This guy “Started” as a freshman and has either started or was in the main rotation for two years. He is a freaking All-American!

He wants to transfer now. Why?

With his brother leaving, he was a sure to be one of the starters next year. What would possess a person to leave?

It seems to me that NOT EVERYTHING is “Happy” behind the scenes in Happy Valley (BYU).

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Makes sense if he goes to Baylor. Grimes recruited him, if I recall correctly, and Barrington probably wanted to play for him than he wanted to play for BYU. Clark’s graduation makes the decision to leave a lot easier for the younger brother.

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I believe Connover is a major mismanagement of the coaching staff. For Connover and for the program.
Why not tell Connover a year or a year and a half ago that the coaches did not believe he was talented enough to be a starter so that he could move on and the program could sign another QB out of high school? Another “fishy” move (or non-move) by the coaching staff.


Well, another one is leaving Tate Romney (Linebacker).
A three-star LB’er who never saw the field. WHY? was the other better? I doubt it

My simple question is: "What the heck is going on behind the scenes at BYU football? Seriously, great recruits are leaving, while the ones that don’t seem to be that good “start”.

Maybe the reason we were not successful this year had nothing to do with who we were playing.

Floyd, last year and most likely, 1300 football players entered the transfer portal. Nothing is wrong except the way the transfer portal now works.

There is a bigger problem, only those with Blue colored glasses can’t see it.

You lose two of your biggest assets (4-star recruits) to the portal. Why? That type of stuff is not at happening at other schools.

I’m guessing part of the Tate Romney thing is he wanted the fun of playing with his brothers–but then Baylor left early to get a good job and Gunner has basically flamed out as too injury prone to last.

Losing the 4 stars is a bigger deal. BYU soft serve vanilla defense=no fun, no glory, no stats=adios to high impact defensive players who want to strap up and rock QBs, get on ESPN top 10 plays, and I’d say all that X10 for any kid good enough to eventually play on Sundays.

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Yes it is…If you don’t think so, prove it

It’s happening at every school that has 4-star recruits.

One thing to consider about Tate (speculation not fact): Jacob Conover was Gunnar Romney’s quarterback in high school. Many thought back in the day that their high school success would translate to college heroics. I suspect that Jacob and the Romneys are close. Perhaps his frustration has influenced Tate’s decision. I’m sure there are other factors, but I’m surprised a player doesn’t wait until the new coordinator is named before deciding to transfer or not.