Conover? Speaking of Coaching Problems

Jaren Hall has obviously been playing hurt for a few weeks. So where is Jacob Conover, former 4-star quarterback worthy of an Alabama offer? I remember that during the off season there was some media coverage about his dealing with anxiety, a problem he shares with Tanner Mangum. But even then, shouldn’t he have played more than the little bit he did against Liberty? Either he was unworthy of an offer or the coaches have failed him; either scenario shines a bad light on our coaches.

This reminds me of 2012 when Riley Nelson had a vertebrae injury that further limited his already limited skill set. He continued to play despite three 4-star quarterbacks Jason Munns, James Lark, and Taysom Hill (an RM freshman) serving as Nelson’s back ups.

I don’t see any less zip on his passes. The missed passes is concentration problems.

He hasn’t played the same since injuring his shoulder against Utah State.

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Yes he has. What has happened is the play calling makes it more difficult for everyone. Brooks needs the ball 15-20 a game so the pressure is taken off Hall and opens up the passing game. Without it, Hall is being rushed and his passes are taking off on him.

According to analysts and those who are closer to the team the, he is playing hurt.

Example: Darnell Dickson of the Provo Daily Herald, “The offense has mostly escaped the wrath of BYU fans up until now, but the Cougars were awful on that side of the ball on Saturday as well. Quarterback Jaren Hall might have had his worst outing of his career with 18 incompletions (16 of 34, 187 yards, 2 TD’s), forcing passes and missing open receivers. He’s not right physically and trying to gut it out. Maybe it’s time to shut him down and get your supposed quarterback of the future, Jacob Conover, into the game for some much needed experience.”

You’d have a hard time convincing me Jaren Hall is not playing hurt. His pinpoint accuracy and arm strength from the first four games just doesn’t seem to be there. He has under thrown, fired too high, and just plain missed receivers much more often the past two or three games.

I’ve also wondered why they haven’t brought in Conover more especially at the end of blow out games.

Maybe because it isn’t Hall’s shoulder at all as Hall says so as well as the team doctors. Maybe he just isn’t performing with confidence because of the injuries to others. His feet are not in proper position many times. Which seems to be the case for many of the players.

There are numerous reports about the injury Jaren suffered against Utah State. There is also a difference between being cleared to play and being able to play effectively. In 1985 Robbie Bosco was cleared to play. He recently said on a Y’z Guys episode that he wished he hadn’t played because he further injured his shoulder and ruined his chance for a pro career. Riley Nelson was cleared to play in 2012. Anyone who remembers knows that he was very ineffective. Jaren Hall may be cleared to play; but as KRob points out, the accuracy and arm strength are not there. Numerous other media folk and commentators have said the same thing.