Cougar Men's Ice Hockey

Why doean’t anybody on this log ever talk about the BYU Ice Hockey team? They rarely ever say much if hardly at all on the News part too. They talk about Rugby. But not ice hockey.

My trick to get this category on the log.

Being totally honest here… I didn’t even know BYU had a hockey team.

It’s a club team. Before Title IX, BYU had a men’s varsity wrestling team, and a good one. We also had a men’s gymnastics team. Gone too thanks to Title IX.

That’s socialism. Who cares about what the market wants to watch and pay to see. Colleges lost their football and some their basketball programs. I’m just waiting for the first lawsuit concerning college sports and the rights of transgendered men playing on women’s teams. Our country has lost its way with the Lord. It’s only a matter of time.

GH: Good post above. I agree with this post.