Cougar Power Teams from the Past

I have been thinking about BYU basketball and what it was like when we had really great teams. Who can ever forget the Team that made it to the NCAA Final 8 with Danny Ainge, Or who could ever forget the Jimmer that could make a shot from anywhere! And what about Kreshimer Cosic, loved watching him play basketball and even looking like a guard when he sometimes brought the ball up the court. The 1951 Team was special and won the NIT in New York City. The 1966 BYU Basketball Team were also NIT Champions. They had three centers on that team: Jim Ekins, Orville Fisher, and Craig Raymond all 7 footers! All three played great when a starter was in foul trouble. The guards were fast with Jeff Congdon who could make a pass to an open guy without hardly looking, ■■■■ Nemelka, Ken James, Jim Jimas, and Randy Scouten. The forwards were Gary Hill, Neil Robers, Steve Kramer, and Bill Ruffner. That team averaged about 95 or more points per game. The forwards and guards were great shooter and moved the ball very quickly. That was fun basketball and I miss it! Hope the day comes quickly that we can have a really great team again.
Some say it can’t be done in the WCC, however we need to remember that last years NCAA finals were against a WCC team Gonzaga.

Preparing against teams has gotten more technical with computers. Teams in the WCC quickly figure out how to stop our offense. We haven’t made the adjustments to their defenses. While they protect against our threes, we should be able to get more open midrange and short range shots. We didn’t do that Saturday and forced up too many long shots.

Main the issues between those teams and today? The academic requirements are much higher than they were back in the day…

Kreshimer would not be allowed to play at BYU in our current day…

BYU needs to be a bit more inventive when it comes to recruiting…

The only schools I think that has equal to/higher academics than BYU AND is doing well (meaning getting ranked, playing good ball against P5 competition, etc.) in sports is Stanford.

Same old nonsense. Why doesn’t BYU do the same thing as the other crud teams in the wcc? Where is Rose’s adjusting? Why does he let superior talent ride the bench? Why does he play favorites with some players and not treat each player fairly and equally? There are many problems besides making adjustments to defenses.

Why are you always defending the head coach? Is he a perfect coach? Is he even close? Can some things be changed or done differently? People would be more interested in what you write and open to your ideas if it wasn’t the same old thing over and over… just like the basketball team.

Blue 64: Your post reminded me of many players whose names I have forgotten over the years. I remember John Fairchild too. He and ■■■■ Nemelka were all Americans. That guard line of Nemelka and Jeff Congdon were fantastic.Some people talk about P-5 teams. There were P-5 teams in the fifties, sixties and 70’s. College basketball was a mor e even game back then. But the big conferences powered up with big money TV contracts and the elclusive P-5 football playoffs. The NCAA tourney has gone from 16 conference champions to the Power-5 money game that has changed basketball and college football forever. There are the haves and the have nots. Power begats power, big TV money begats more power and the loss the equity in college sports. I gues we can’t compare eras. But I do know that BYU is not as competitive in basketball any more and neither is football. Just because we schedule many P-5football games doesn’t mean that we are going to win as many games as we used to. With the power structure in both games these days BYU needs to consider whether we can compete in P-5 leagues or should we consider playing in a G-5 league more on some of the terms that we have now in independent football and some of the media advantages we have in the WCC or a new and better G-5 league or some conference like the American athletic Conference.?

Why are you always dumping on the head coach? You assume things that you don’t know what’s going on because of lack of being in that situation. I have. Not just me but the 2 varsity coaches I assisted for. One thing I learned is not think our team was the most talented because I was coaching with SB. You are assuming our players are more talented than players on other WCC teams. Even if that was true, talent only takes you so far.

Exactly, that is why you need a coach that develops that talent and gets them playing at a level they are capable of. BYU continues to UNDERPERFORM year after year.

You don’t understand or recognize there is a problem. You think everything is fine. You don’t get it.

Have you ever entertained the idea we are getting the most out of our talent? And other WCC teams are recruiting more talented players? And our coach is actually winning with less talented players and a revolving missionary door?

So… Everything is fine?

So… Everything is fine?

Everything is great! Hawks makes my a bit confused because of his extremely high IQ😆

Everything is great! You make me a bit confused because of your extremely high IQ​:laughing:

I am going to stop wasting my time discussing the basketball team with grasshopper.

I suggest the rest of you do the same.