Could Not Be More Disappointed in BYU Basketball Then Tonight

Not because we lost - to me that was a given. But saw some things tonight that really showed how far this group has to go to be considered anything other than a midland mid-major team.

  1. Emery, in my book, should be gone for the year. Worst display of unsportsmanlike conduct I have seen in 40 years of BYU basketball. The NCAA may take care of this themselves, but if not, Rose needs to show in no uncertain terms that such behavior is completely unacceptable and will be punished accordingly. I was stunned. Not only the punch, but let’s face it, Emery showed both on offense and defense that he is a long, long way from being able to play against such competition.
  2. The slow footedness of the BYU defense was revealing. Not a single guy on this team has any footspeed, certainly not anything that keeps them in front of a good (not great) DI guard or forward for that matter. Penetration is a huge problem for this team on the defensive side.
  3. Post play - both offense and defense - was extremely bad. Kafusi, Davis, and Austin bring virtually nothing to the game - at least not at this level. Yea, Kafusi and Davis looked okay against the lower division teams they played, but tonight we saw reality, and it was ugly. Kafusi in particular looked horrible and from what he showed tonight, he hasn’t progressed nearly as much as we were led to believe against the little guys he was playing against. The Utes took him apart and he looked lost out there. I saw nothing tonight from him that would indicate that he will ever bring anything serious to the offensive table.

I have said from the beginning that this game would show our true team one way or the other. The score was much closer than it should have been, only because the Utah players came out cocky the second half and played stupid ball for 10 minutes. Utah would beat BYU this year 10 out of 10, and most of those much worse than they score tonight. BYU may win 20 in their league. In the PAC12 or any other big league, they would be an absolute bottom dweller lucky to come away with 10 wins.

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You are a troll. After nearly every game, or in the middle of a game, you make over the top comments that are exaggerated to the point of hyperbole… Emery is a true freshman and will be a star. Utah would not beat BYU 10 out of 10 and there is no way to know anyway. Try to get a little objectivity.

Punches happen, and fights happen. If Emery gets more than a one or two game suspension it will be too much.There was no excuse for the punch but I would like to know why he did it.

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I watched the first five minutes of the game and realized that BYU was going to have a long night…

First play of the game, Poetle(sp?) went over the back of Kaufusi (Who had clear position) to get a rebound and Kaufusi was called for the foul… Gotta love PAC12 officials… Yes Jim Hawks, this is one time where I think officials are biased against anyone playing PAC12 teams…

As for Emery sucker punch, I have officiated sports for about 25 years… and in my experience, punches like this is done because of frustration with inconsistent officiating, especially in Basketball…

Not saying Emery did not deserve the Technical or ejection (I would hope Rose has the ***** to set Emery down for a couple more games after the NCAA does to show him that is not acceptable behavior for any reason), he did, but I would like to know “Why” he felt he needed to do that.


Why is someone a troll when they express their views? just wondering, nothing I see in Rudi comments makes me think he is a Troll…

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The reason I think Rudi is a troll is because he has a pattern of consistently stating negative opinions and sometimes they are a bit over the top and they are rarely balanced by anything positive. If this was the only time I had seen him post something like this I wouldn’t think much about it. Go read his comments about the Utah St. football game. He says BYU is the 3rd best team in the state, give me a break. BYU beat them 51-28. I didn’t comment on that one and just did an eye over. The pattern I see in his comments is that BYU stinks and he will temper it ever so slightly by tossing in one positive thing as an afterthought. Emery lost his cool and there is no excuse for his behavior. He should sit a game or two, but according to Rudi he should sit out the entire season, give me a break. Based on one game he implies Emery is a long way from competing with good D1 players. He will be an outstanding D1 player. He is a freshman and will become more consistent as the year goes on. He has already shown he has a ton of talent. Yesterday was a bad game for him. Belmont was a great game for him and Belmont is a good D1 team. There will be more bad games, and some outstanding games. but I guarantee he will be remembered as a great player at BYU before he is finished. I suspect there may have been some provocation for Emery’s actions but you still have to keep your cool and I don’t think a player gets suspended an entire season for punching somebody. He does need to sit a game or two and needs to be sent a message that throwing punches in the future will not be tolerated. If it happens again he should sit a year.

Rudi said Utah would beat us 10 out of 10 times. Give me a break. I doubt it. Maybe 7 out of 10 right now. By the end of the season who knows. We will never know. Again if this sort of comment was an isolated occurrence I wouldn’t think much about it.

If his above comments were a one time thing I would gloss over it. He even rips on BYU when they win. He is entitled to his opinion but he is either extremely negative or a troll in my opinion.

Well, we also know umpires are blind :wink:
The question I have, did Taylor hit Emery in the face first? The video I’ve seen suggest yes. As with most things like this the first to officials is the last and the last is the first that is called. Sound familiar? And, did he hit Taylor in the face or stomach? It’s hard to see from this video. A game or two suspension is all that is necessary. And if Taylor hit Emery as I suspect he did then Taylor also should be suspended.

So, you also saw that Taylor threw the first punch or back hand and Emery reacted without thought to defend himself. I agree.

Davis shot well. Austin never shoots well. Kaufusi learned a lot from a great post player. Relax.
Emery will be up and down with shooting this year as a freshman in a big game. Relax. Emery was backhanded in the face first. He reacted to defend himself. Looks like his punch landed in the bread basket and not the face. Taylor is a wimp.
Bad first half is something we have always had in basketball. But, there are two halves to every game and we did much better in the second half on both ends except for that 8 minute stretch after getting back to within 7 points.

Ok… I usually don’t track posters comments, so I can give you that…

But I will tell you that at this point in the Season… Utah would beat BYU in Basketball at least 9 out of 10 times…

This year teams has struggled against lesser teams, Utah under Coach K has vastly improved in defense and is slowly improving offensively…

BYU team seems to have no chemistry…

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I didn’t see the game. Only the video of the Emery punch so I was just wondering what had gone on beforehand that may have provoked Emery if anything.

It does not matter WHAT happen prior to the punch… Emery should have remained calm… He did not, there is NO EXCUSE for the low blow…

If I was Rose, I would bench him for a couple of games on top of what the NCAA is going to do… To teach him a valuable lesson of NOT OVER REACTING!

Granted, PAC12 Officiating can be highly annoying… But that still does not give the right to Emery to sucker punch someone…

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I don’t really track posters either but I have a good memory and Rudi is a poster that tends to jump out at me now. There are a couple of others because everybody has their own thing. I start noticing a trend in style. I haven’t read all of Rudi’s post by any stretch but I have seen enough to notice a pattern of negativity, sometimes to the extreme.

Maybe Utah would beat BYU 9 out of 10 right now. I think BYU will get better as the season progresses. There is some good talent on the team and Emery is a very good talent who will probably make great strides between now and the end of the season.I had no idea he was a hothead. He will need to learn to control himself in the heat of battle.

You didn’t answer the question. Did Taylor hit Emery?
Yes, Emery reacted improperly like freshman do. I don’t think it takes more suspensions to teach Emery. He already knows not to do it again.
The fact he was baited should be taken into consideration.

Emery is a good kid. Lost his temper. Sit him out for a couple of games and move on.
BYU lost this game in the first half. They have lost most first halves this year. That is concerning. The fact that BYU is consistently the better team in the second half won’t matter against good teams. They have had this problem every game this year.
I would have liked to have been able to watch the game. Then I could actually comment about how they played.
In order to be a good team, we need to start strong and finish strong. So far, we’re mostly finishing strong and sometimes keeping it close enough in the first half to win.

from the angle I saw on TV, I did not see Mathews hit Emery prior to the sucker punch, there may have been something earlier in the game, but I did not notice any “hitting” from Mathews at the time of the punch.

Emery is just not a freshman Scott, he has been playing competitive Sports since he was 5.
Playing in major tournaments around the country for years, so he should have learned to not react that way… Being a “Freshman” is not an acceptable excuse.

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How did you like the call on Kaufusi second play of the game? when the Utah center went over the back and they called the foul on Kaufusi.

I did watch the game, and the only comment I care to make on the officiating is that the PAC 12 commentators said multiply times during the game that the foul calling was inconsistent in the Utes favor.

As to Emery, he had a rough game against a physical defense, and handled it poorly. He had the same problem in high school. All an opponent had to do was grind him, talk in his ear, and provoke a reaction. He has a chance to be a star for byu, but deserves some bench time.

This game worries me for our matchup with Gonzaga. If we can’t provide more consistent interior defense, their bigs will rip us to shreds.

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It’s really not too hard to run a search for an individuals posts.
The search key is at the top of the screen. Just type in the poster’s name and then click on the icon at the bottom of the results screen.

Frank/Rudi is more negative than positive but far from trollish, and has been posting on this board for several years.

The bball team in particular is showing its youth this year. Fischer’s slump hasn’t helped. 26 in a half though after 19 in a half the previous game and 0s in the first half of both games makes me wonder if maybe it would help him to sit the first few minutes of a game. But do any of the freshman have the defensive cojones at this point to stop a big early deficit?

There is a link to the altercation on I challenge you to watch it. Look at Taylor’s left hand as he raises it to Emery’s face and makes contact. Emery was retaliating for that.
As to your other points, who cares about his past history. Many thugs in the NBA do the same things when provoked. It doesn’t excuse the response. But, it could lessen the suspension.

I’ve actually stated here several times to start Chatman and have Fischer come off the bench.
Things will be different for a few games without Emery.