Covid 19 and sports

Many studies from top universities, CDC and other medical institutions say the transfer from children under 18 to adults is nil. There at least 50 million children being isolated and kept from school. It’s been estimated 40% of those children not eating much are Black children in the cities. How many are being abused? How many are psychology being scared for life? How many adults are dying from suicide over not being able to provide for their families? When do we stop thinking about ourselves? The Congress isn’t stepping in this time. They are squabbling over whose going to be President. Should we add $200 or $600 a week to 20% of the adult populations unemployment? Romney said $400. Something I agreed with him on and rejected because of politics.

We were supposed to have lost 2.5 million from the China Virus by now. We have lost 150,000. Is it because of the shutdown and all the Communist dramatic measures of ordering people to stay in their homes? There’s no proof of it. Other countries did less and are better off than we are. I’m wondering if the virus is affected by our actions at all. Or, is it because as a population we’ve become so out of shape and in poor health it’s affecting more middle aged to older people than it should?

All I know is our children are our future and it’s their turn. Seems cold but we can’t keep doing this to them. You speak of older teachers. I spoke to one of my clients who is 42 with a 5 year old child and she and her husband have been laid off. She was a manager at a restaurant and they don’t have a multi billion dollar union to fight for them. A union that doesn’t care for the children.

Totally agree with you fish. There is so much evidence out there, evidence from highly educated, free thinking voices that say the same thing.

Totally agree Floyd. So why do you think politicians are telling us to stay indoors? Why do you think they close down beaches, parks and other outdoor recreational places where people could enjoy themselves? They want us to live in fear, they want the economy to be ruined, they want to control every aspect of our lives. It’s shameful.

Not one confirmed case of a teacher catching Covid from a student. Not one.

Politicians have already caused financial ruin to many in this country. Do they care? No, they have their ruling class jobs with no threat of losing those jobs. They are essential workers, essential to ruining the rest of our lives.

Another aspect of their agenda to ruin our country is to keep everyone guessing and make random decisions based on nothing really. They are all corrupt, democrat and republican.

Which Republicans are doing what the Democrats are doing? Other than that, you are spot on. Not one piece of evidence suggesting there is transmission from child to adult, not just teachers.

they all do whatever thing they do and it’s not helping our country. While I do believe the left is far worse, I don’t think the right is that far behind. They are all part of the ruling class.

I agree there is corruption. But the Republicans still fight for less restrictions and taxation. They work to put in conservative judges. And Trump isn’t doing corrupt things. But here is the difference.
Democrats are 100% in lockstep with Marxism.
Republicans are all over the place and are not in lockstep.

CDC Director says more deaths from suicide and drug overdoses due to school closures. Other studies show teachers in direct contact with children gain more immunity to the Covid19 virus. Also, the tens of thousands that have died in New Jersey, only one is under the age of 18. The Teacher Unions and Democrats to give a rats a$$ about the children. They care only about one thing, beat Trump. Sick!

Not sure about where you live, but here in Utah our Governor just yesterday advised people to do just that “Go outside, enjoy nature”…

In Utah people have been doing that so well that most of the lakes in the SL area are over fished and now it is hard to catch one. LOL

Now you see the difference between Red states and Blue states. What Conservatives and Liberals want in the long run. Liberty versus tyranny. There may be a sprinkle of conservatives in the Democrat Party but they all have one purpose, get rid of Donald Trump. Why? Because he’s set back the One New World Order they so want. You can include the Bush’s and Romney’s in with that. It’s the reason why they hate him so much. It’s the reason for the Russian and Ukraine hoax. It’s why we have been attacked by China with biological warefare. The only way they can get back on track is with the collapse of the free market economy Trump has built. Open your eyes! Evil exists in Marxist Tyranny. All you had to do is listen to Obama give a non-eulogy at John Lewis’s funeral to understand what this attack on our Liberty is all about.

What is good for the teacher is good for the student?

Spent too much time teaching to believe such balderdash.

Here are teachers who say they care about their students but when push comes to shove, they only care about themselves and their almighty dollar. One kid under 18 in New Jersey has died from the Coronavirus out of tens of thousands. It’s about the same for the rest of the country. At the same time, the number of deaths from teen suicide and drug overdoses has skyrocketed because of the lockdown and shutdown of schools. Not to forget the huge number of poorer children not eating with 40% of those are Black children. But, like the black on black murders, the black children problem doesn’t count because it’s not a racial issue. And the hypocrisy continues while the GDP contracted to its worst amount since 1921.

Next door is a family whose husband works in one of the busiest Covid dealing hospitals in the state, he has not seen his wife in several months now because of her potential health issues. She is staying at her parents until they can safely proceed…each individual family should be taking the necessary steps to protect themselves.

Hope your underlying health issues do not cause any ill effects from Covid or any other diseases

When did things change from life being not fair to life being fair? Life isn’t fair and there will be changes for the time being in the education world. But, same is true in many parts of the American economy and business world. I spoke to a client of mine and she was a manager at a high end restaurant. She’s not working and has a 5 year old with a stay home husband. But, we can’t lose our young people. Not for school and not in the Gospel. And I fear we are losing in both.

The CDC release yesterday says this instance was different.

What I find most telling is no mention of any hospitalizations let alone deaths. Given the panic that still exists I would fully expect that if there were any the CDC and especially the dozens of news reports, local, national, and international, would have been reporting them.

Send the kids to school as in the old days with measles and mumps and get the herd sick and then after a month or two the old folks who the teachers unions are more concerned about than the students could get back to their profession and the nation would be safer.

Exactly! There are young graduates of education that are substituting because they can’t find a job. Put them in as long term substitute teachers until the older teachers can safely resume teaching. In the 10’s of thousands of deaths in New Jersey only 1 death of anyone under 18. I guarantee way more than one death has occurred from drug overdoses, suicides and physical abuse directly related to the China Virus.

Thank you for your “opinion”, but that is all it is “An Opinion”.

Just curious what “grade level” did you teach?

Because it does make a difference.

Scott, you misunderstand what the Teacher are talking about and about the data.

It is true that not many children have died from the virus. They seem to be able to handle it pretty well.

The issue is that they can spread the virus (Asymptomatic) to adults at a very fast rate. Regardless of what some posters think,

The main reason is that children (not teenagers) do not wash thier hands as well as they should, they do not wear a mask or if they do, it is not very long.
The last thing is that in school (at least in Utah) some districts (like the one my wife for) is not allowing appropriate spacing to reduce the spread.

My wife will be in contact every day with 58 elementary students (two half day classes with 28 each in the class).
The issue she has is that I have underlying health issues, we also take care of our grandson on a weekly basis.

I know the far right do not believe this virus is more dangerous. But our State epidemiologist, This year, the Covid virus has killed 3 times more than the flu has. There is so much information we don’t know about this virus.

I choose to go with science more than political viewpoints,

The line of that article says "Limited data are available about transmission of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), among youths."

Meaning that while the youth may not be affected with it like adults and they seem to handle it better than adults. But since there is not much data being collected about youth because most states do not test children.

The rest of your comments is based on false information, and I prefer to listen to modern science to “old school ways”.

Floyd… you know I live in CA. The most diverse and beautiful state in the US and the worst politically.