Crowd noise for baseball

Do you know what cheer I would do in baseball. Every time an opposing player swings at a pitch and misses I would be yelling Air Ball, Air Ball. !! And every time there is a strike out I would march the opposing player back to the dug out with Left, right, Left, right. It would add a lot of fun and laughs to the game. It would also add pressure to the opposing players.

How about wiggling fingers when one of the BYU players is up to bat? :smile:

Did you ever play baseball Jim? I used to pitch.

I played baseball in high school. I was good in little league when I pitched but that train left the station a long time ago. I played some rec. league softball and church league too. I never saw grasshopper in church league but I’ll bet he took a class at BYU so he knows everything about it already.

In my opinion the Air Ball, Air Ball chant is low class. I am not proud of my ROC when I hear it on TV.

Jeff: The only game slower than four quarters of an NBA game is nine innings of a baseball game.I used to love baseball, followed it for sixty plus years, but with all the commercials and all of the waiting around for major league baseball it is even more tiring than the NBA on TV. But watching a game at the ball park is great. Hockey is too fast for TV and is more fun to be in the stands and watch it. I guess the NBA would be OK in the area if one is willing to kill an evening. Too me college and high school sports are much more exciting than most pro sports. I like golf, but it really puts me to sleep on TV.too.Playing golf can be very frustrating unless you can afford to play about three times a week. Sports are for the young.

GTwo: Oh for the young, youth love to do all those tricks in the stands, “Air Ball”, “Left Right, Left Right”, etc, etc. But like everything else, that stuff gets old after a while. You ought to watch my wife agonize over any BYU sport, I guess I do the same thing. BYUtv has kept this old couple occupied watching BYU sports and Church shows, conferences and firesides, etc.Being a BYU alum and my wife an alumna, we have some skin in the games.

Right there with you on just about everything.

I used to play golf about as much as I could afford before I was married. It was cheaper back then. I was playing a few times a week during the summers between school and I got to where I could regularly shoot in the low 80’s and an occasional 70’s. You have to play regularly to get there. So I started fading out after I got married and had kids… just no time for it. It got to where it was a couple times a year but I could still shoot mid 80’s so I stuck with that. Now if I get out once a year I’m lucky. It is a fun game to play because it is challenging and you can do it until you die.

Anyhow, the older I get the less interested I am in watching professional sports. I guess that is with a lot of things… the older and wiser you get, the more you want to disassociate yourself with phony stuff. How many people over 60 do you see watching pro sports? I’m not there yet but it is just around the corner… I hit 53 in a couple of months.