Dalton Nixon pursuing football

Nixon has one year remaining and is interested in playing football with his remaining year of eligibility stated on BYU Sports Nation today.

Ha ha. Seriously? As a slow skinny tight end? He did a great job in basketball, but I’m not seeing it in football.

Yeah you think? We had several slow white guys in the past like Andrew George Chad Lewis Dennis Pita and few others. Dalton Nixon will have to walk on because of all those return missionaries all at once - more likely they will be reassigned to new location soon

None of those guys were that slow…especially Pitta and Lewis who were both solid Tight Ends in the NFL. In football, being tall makes it very difficult to get leverage and be physical. Our last really good tall player was Corbin Kaufusi, who was 6’8". And by the way, I believe he’s with the NY Jets practice squad. He was a solid DE for us.

As for Nixon, I do wish him the best. But football is a really hard sport to learn.

I knew those two guys were very good players. Yes Dalton Nixon is a little skinny compared to like Corbin Kaufusi. All I can say good luck to Nixon if he tries out for football.

Unfortunately, I don’t think any of those missionaries caught up in this cancelled mission mess are going to be reassigned. The current policy is to offer reassignment “when it becomes available” (indefinite), or try again in 12-18 months. Most will probably choose the certainty of moving on with life to the uncertainty of a reassignment with the original release date.