Dance Watch-BYU

Setting up a new Topic called Dance Watch. Post all your thoughts on why are why not BYU will be Dancing. And please stay on topic.

For me, I have been a solid YES from about day we got this news

Easy-definite for NIT-NCAA-defeat Gonzaga and St Mary’s at home and take care of business with the rest of the WCC-NCAA takes the top 2 out of the conference. WCC has had an outstanding start this year so not many easy games-the road tells the story. SMC is possible on the road-Gonzaga is loaded again-but guards are not consistent with their outside shooting so far-bad loss to Michigan. This is the year-great coach-great experience

Gonzaga and SMC. I always have my eyeballs on SFU. They blew it with ASU last night but had a great first 7 games.

Pepperdine looks good and is a difficult game in their gym. Others look improved too. The next few non-League games are important to figure out rotations and can they play as fluid with Childs. Childs said yesterday that’s what he wants to be able to do. That he doesn’t have to score 20 points a game with this team.

Yeh SF starting well. I don’t know who Santa Clara and Portland have played but both have only one loss and perfect at home

Since the WCC has had such a great start, maybe this is another year 3 make the tourney. Maybe even 4?

There was a year when Gonzaga, BYU, and St. Marys all made the tournament. I don’t remember the year though. BYU hasn’t made it since 2015. It is possible all 3 could make it if they all beat up on the rest of the conference and take care of business out of conference.

I believe it was GU, BYU & SD not smc sometime 2012 to 2015. Don’t remember when but early time when we joined wcc.
I don’t see 3 getting in again unless all three in the top 10 in those polls.
Right now, my focus “One Game at a Time.”

Byu took a major hit tonight. Ionly so many opportunities

Well, Childs can’t come up lame like this after showing how much better he is than everyone else. Healthy and he scores 45 tonight and we win going away.

I have been upset all day about this game. I thought it was one BYU would win and losing to Utah is always a downer especially when they are all freshmen and sophomores and BYU has about 7 seniors. We may not beat them again for a number of years. The sad part is that if Childs had played even another five minutes the game probably never goes to overtime. In overtime BYU was sunk with no inside offense or defense. Utah probably played the game of their life to win and it still wouldn’t have been enough if Yoeli doesn’t go out.

I wonder if little K can keep all that talent around or if half of them will transfer like Utah recruits tend to do in recent years?

This was shaping up to be a great year and then Childs gets unjustly suspended for 9 games and Baxter goes down with a season ending injury and suddenly there is no inside game. The NCAA cost BYU at least 2 games and maybe 3. They don’t lose to Boise with Childs and probably not SDSU. I pin the Utah loss on the NCAA as well. With no suspension and being able to play the games leading up to the Utah game he probably doesn’t cramp up and BYU wins.

So, I have a new thread asking if it wasn’t the referees that cost BYU the game, what was it? You should put this in there. Because I totally agree. Childs would have gone for 40+. However, Coach Cleveland pointed out that Childs got 27 of his 29 points inside of the first 5 minutes of each half. So, what happened with the other 15 minutes of the 1st half? I agree with you that even though Yoli was in great condition, when you add the excitement and crowd of the moment, that takes much more out of you. He got fatigued fast and had he been playing these past few weeks in games he would not have cramped up so soon into the 2nd half. He would have scored more in the 1st half and his field goal percentage would have been enough for the win.
But, that’s not what lost the game. Losing players doesn’t lose or win games. The actual playing of the game can and does regardless of how bad the referees are. Turnovers, turnover, turnovers! 20 of them! To me, this is the single most important reason we lost the game. Two or three times we had 3 or more turnovers in a row that lead to fast break layups. That’s 12 or more points right there we gave up and we lost another 6-9 points we could have made shooting the shots that Utah got to steal and layup. We are talking about a 20 point reversal!
Pope said he was going to look at the video to find out what happened. I can say I think he’s looking primarily at turnovers and why we could not see what Utah was doing to cause us to turn the ball over in succession so much!

I think Utah will lose A LOT of games in the PAC12. I think we will be a 20 or 21 win team and “on the bubble,” and the committee will look at the Utah and BSU face plants–both really, REALLY REALLY bad losses–throw up in their mouths, and send us to the NIT. The Rec League does not get the benefit of the doubt for at large bids, and BYU really blew its chance losing those two games to pretty bad teams.

I still wonder if Greg Nixon read Pope’s pre-game comments about how proud he has been of his team not fouling, and Nixon then laughed and hit us with 29 fouls. Yes I’m still hung up on that.

I know that I mentioned this guy name Greg Nixon. I don’t usually make fun of people with how they look. Enough about him. But it was my first time to see who is this guy look like for the first time last year on ESPN.

BYU was playing SMC on the road last year and before the game started during warm up, espn zoomed in right at Greg Nixon and he had this whistle in his mouth and smiling. I can tell something up why he looks this way. I can tell he was looking forward for a fun time that night. Greg sure was having fun helping out SMC winning the game.
Has Greg Nixon ever been suspended or fined during his career in refereeing against BYU or any other time? He should have been kick out of this job.

Greg Nixon refs 3 0r 4 games a year for BYU. usually early season games which mean next to nothing and which BYU blows out the opposition and then near the end with SMC or some such.
he is within 2 or 3 games of 50-50. though in the big games BYU usually shows up on the losing end of the games he refs.

However today we only commit 6 turnovers instead of 20 against Utah and many layups off those turnovers. Those turnovers kept BYU from beating Utah by 25. Today, we win by 33 with subs getting playing time. Sort of.

UNLV is a bad team. Since Lon Kruger left to OU, unlv gone down hill. Next Nevada against Steve Alford 8-2 - lost to Utah & USC.

Maybe, we didn’t force the ball and get a bunch of turnovers. We actually shot better against Utah. Turnovers are a huge key for this team. And, I like how Pope got Yoli out of the game more to rest his cramping legs.

Why don’t you tell those BYU players what your thought. Yes, they need to slow down and take good care of the ball. I sure hope that Mark Pope will get those kids head straight.
Anyway, nice win! And lets do it again against Nevada.

Didn’t you know they all, including the coaches, read our posts and take note of my experienced comments :wink: