Danny Ainge to the Utah Jazz?

NBA rumors: Ex-Celtics boss Danny Ainge considering return to basketball roots - nj.com

There has been several developments here in Utah to get them past that Hump of being a brides’ maid and be the bride. One could point to Dwayne Wade buying into the franchise. It was shocking to me to see Utah roll over and lose to a punchless LA Clippers without star, Kawhi Leonard. There had to be an accounting for, shall I say, slow Joe and others, lack of defense in critical games. Clearly Utah could melt just about anobody with their scoring ability but…that does not bring home titles. Defense does.

Will Danny show up in Utah. Will Lillard land here? One thing for sure is: Utah will be a different team when we see them this coming season.

At BYU Ainge was in the same married ward at Wymount Terrace. I would get asked to come play pick up games if some of the BYU players couldn’t make it. I might take 1 shot a game if I was lucky. Roberts and Ainge were always taking the shot but good times.