Dave Rose speaks out on BYU basketball

Interesting that he was all about offense in high school and while coaching he wasn’t much for defense.

His take on Dastrup is my take on him too. Lazy and did little in practice to improve or help the team. Probably won’t do much in Oregon except inhale all that second hand marijane.

Haws is still at BYU and so is Emery. Maybe nepotism isn’t all that bad in these days.

Interesting article about Dave Rose. He didn’t want to play defense during his college days? That explained why BYU basketball didn’t play much defense. No wonder TJ Haws said a couple of time, “It is going to be Fun,” except when Heath Schroyer came in for one season.

Anyway, all I can say, enjoy retirement with your family Dave Rose. And I am looking forward to new season with Coach Mark Pope.