DB Kennan Ellis

According to KSL, Kennan Ellis is medically retiring from BYI football.

he will stay on with the team as a grad asist. They will need him with all the newbie DBs coming in this year.

There is a lot of talk about all the speed coming in this cycle.

Dave McCann just put this out there. Dave is a far the best sports writer, commentator I have ever met.
BYU football: For Keenan Ellis ‘the world is still his for the taking’ - Deseret

Keenan Ellis will do wonders for our very yound DBs as BYU just signed the FASTEST players we have ever seen at BYU
The need for Speed: BYU football just signed its fastest class of all-time - BYU Insider

And Sitake is Lavell reincarnated. STUD.