Defending the Fake Punt Play

I can’t.

That said, it’s amazing it did not result in points for BSU.

You fooled me with the subject line! Well played! That fake punt was the worst play call I have ever seen in my life. Imagine: you go for it on 4th and 19 from your own 5 in the second quarter; but then you DON’T go for it on 4th and 4 from the 50 with 6 to go in the game against an opponent who is nearing 600 yards of total offense after just gashing your D all night. Almost as bad was that we had a terrible botched throw on that 3rd and 4. On second and 4 my son and I were telling Detmer, “DO NOT TRUST THIS TO HILL…RUN ZONE READ TWICE AND YOU WILL GET A FIRST…CANADA HAS HAD GOOD HOLES ON ZONE READ ALL NIGHT.” Alas…

I wonder where the fake punt call originates: the offensive coordinator, or the special teams coach? I know Sitake has to approve it, but who threw that out there in the first place?

I doubt Ty had anything to do with that fake punt but he may have saw this coming and scratching his head. If punter is in the end zone you know D’s going to rush for some points - big no-no.

Ed Lamb is the special teams coach. I suspect it was his call but Kalani had his back. My question is “What was Ed thinking?” Why you would ever consider that play when you are kicking from your own end-zone with 4th down and forever. You know the defense is going to rush for the block in the end-zone. Element of surprise? Yup, it surprised me. It surprised the announcers calling the game. It surprised everyone in the stadium. I don’t think anyone was more surprised than the BSU defensive players who were probably wondering if that was Linehan’s own doing or if the coaches actually thought the play would work. I’m the first guy to support some creativity but, come-on…