Depth Chart this year

BYU released their depth chart… A lot of “OR”'s on it…

Looks like Brayden Cosper worked his way up to 3rd string… Good for ya Brayden.

Who??? Cosper?

Don’t fall for it Floyd!! Resist the urge to engage …

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Thanks for the reminder… :open_mouth:

I hope this Wilson kid is as good as advertized… It will help take the pressure off Zach as he guides BYU to the win Thursday.

BYU 24 Utah 21

BYU 42 - Utah 17

Sorry Floyd. Utah has a better team than BYU after nine years in the PAC-12, Utah gets better recruits and more money in the PAC-12. BYU needs to play in the AAC or the MWC, They are our capability.