Detmer/Hall and ALA-Queen Creek

Enjoyed this article.

As I’ve mentioned before, Detmer was our district AD and signed my Detmer poster. I’m at ALA-Ironwood, which doesn’t have the sports tradition that ALA-Gilbert and ALA-Queen Creek have. We’re going to be going to ALA-QC games next year (as well as ours).

Our “adopted” son (an inactive member we brought to Ironwood with us; a state qualifier wrestler and a football and track runner) was blown out of the water in the 300m hurdles by Hubler, QC’s quarterback (2nd in the state in the 300m hurdles). He also threw for 2500+ yards and 29 TDs last year in a Covid-shortened season. I’m sure he’s LDS (most of the Gilbert and QC schools are).

It’s pretty cool to have Detmer and Hall working together. Thanks for the report. Zona is becoming a BYU hot bed because of this connection.

All reports on locals down there are Much Appreciated.