DICKSON: Flawed Cougars headed to familiar finish - 15 Nov

Link: http://www.heraldextra.com/sports/college/byu/football/dickson-flawed-cougars-headed-to-familiar-finish/article_a3c59c0e-8ab4-5bfe-bae9-551b985941d5.html

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Dickson’s column said it all and Darwin Dower’s comment added to the obvious to BYU’s lackluster performance in the Mizzou game. BYU is a," not ready for prime time players" team. Our lack of depth and G5 talent cannot compare with even lesser than average P-5 teams like Mizzou and others like UCLA. We beat Nebraska on a miracle play and went 1 and three against four P-5 outfits. All we can do is keep playing 3 or 4 P-5’s each year and hope for the best. The Big 12 refs in the Mo.-BYU game showed either a lack of quality or a deliberate cause to help keep BYU out of a possible Big 12 (10) invite on the terrible non-call face mask rip against Mitch Mathews late in the fourth quarter. That really hurt us. We can’t fault our Cougars for lack of desire, but we just don’t have the talent depth even to beat a less than lackluster SEC team like Mizzou.