Did anyone see the game tonight?

It was an exhibition game but with a decent team. We won 102-82.
Mika 23 points and 12 rebounds.
Emery 21 points.
Haws 19 points and 10 assists. We have some good shooting guards. We are very deep there. We have some big guys in the middle too. Very deep.

What’s that?

Oh yeah! Fun game to watch! But, as Harold says, we better learn a little better defense so we don’t have to keep scoring in the triple digits to get a win. Did anyone else get fed up with all the ticky tack fouls? Rose seemed to think we were fouling so maybe the refs called a legit game but…as much as I like parades, I could do with a little less parading to the foul line on every possession.

With basketball, the defense always starts behind the offense. No worries. We are loaded with talent.

The refs are just beginning too. I just hope Mika can learn to not hack down. Should be fun year!

I am looking forward to the season. It was nice to see all the scoring threats, especially down low. We had too many turnovers. That needs to be cleaned up. It’s nice that we don’t have to worry as much about foul trouble down low, however, I would prefer to see some of the talent we have in the post for more minutes.

It was just an exhibition game. Rose wanted to see everyone. That Beo can flat out shoot!

As always, you missed my point. I would have liked to see some of the bigs not get into foul trouble so they could have stayed in the game longer. With that said, it is nice to have enough quality bigs that we don’t need to worry about one of them getting into foul trouble.

Yeah, that’s an easy thing to do in an exhibition game. When the pressure increases, that is when you find out who the players vs. the posers are. When you aren’t thinking about it, shooting is an easy task. We will see who steps up when the time comes.

Even his free throws are superior to Haws and Emery :slight_smile:

OK, I was out of town but FINALLY was able to watch the exhibition game: my Impressions:

  1. Mika’s drop step is devastating; loved seeing him work on his turnaround J; great passer; runs like a guard; He didn’t even show the jump hook, but he has that in his arsenal and can use it to get a shot off against anyone without getting blocked. We have an NBA power forward and I hope people appreciate it.
  2. We all know Emery can bomb away. But he is also a great finisher at the rack. He was obviously working on that in the exhibition. He is very fast, can elevate, and is great at switching hands in the air. Dude will score A LOT.
  3. TJ: FINALLY arrived. I hope you saw the fallaway 3 with 20 seconds still on the shot. I will call him now as an NBA player. I did the same for TY and was wrong, but since he became our all time leading scorer and is one of the nicest kids I’ve ever met, he gets a pass for making me wrong. TJ can elevate. He will dunk in traffic. He is a great ballhandler. He can score from ANYWHERE. STAR.
  4. Yoeli: I think it will take him longer than the new guards to acclimate, but WOW what athleticism and wingspan!!!
  5. Beo: I’m with Grasshopper on him–I think he can score enough to be useful at times, but I don’t know where he gets any minutes once Rose and Elijah are back. I asked and he IS repeat IS LDS (sorry, my mistake in a former post), so maybe he goes on a mission.
  6. Leifson: I don’t see anything there but a guy standing on the 3 point line…redshirt then mission?
  7. TEAM DEFENSE: Will be the key to our success or failure. Emery and Haws and Rose and Bryant will be as athletic as ANY group of guards in the league and there is no excuse for them not being great defenders. I have always thought D is simply a result of superior size, athleticism, and effort. We finally have the size and athleticism, so I think if D is a priority, we can be good at it.
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  1. on TJ - killer crossover and a lay up, wow!
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Thanks for reminding me! That crossover and the fall away were plays where it made no difference who was playing defense, and that’s why I thought what we saw mattered, even vs a D2 team. Ditto on Mika’s drop steps by the way.

Will they be good enough to win the wcc tournament or are they going to finish 3rd again? That’s all I really want to know. That’s all that really matters.

I think we will be very good and battle Zags for crown. I think both BYU and Zags beat SMC. Zags are mysterious because they have 3 international stars that I have not seen play, but all 3 ranked in top 5 international HS players.

The WCC coaches ranked BYU 3rd in the pre-season primarily because we only have two returning players from last year and we have a bunch of freshman who will get significant playing time. Kyle Davis is the only senior. Supposedly, he has worked all summer on his ability to finish around the basket and make those jump hooks. From what I saw in the exhibition game, he hasn’t significantly improved that part of his game. I do think he is a good defender and rebounder. He’s pretty good at sealing his defender so he can get an entry pass into the post. If he would focus on passing back out to open players, he’d get a lot of assists and help the offense. I just wish that when he tries to back down the defender and then put up that jump hook that he could hit 80% or so. I think Davis will start but I anticipate Childs and Dastrup will be eating up a lot of Davis’s minutes as they get used to the D-I game. With 2 WCC teams ranked in the pre-season polls, a 3rd place finish is probably a fair assessment. Dave Rose teams seem to get stronger as the season progresses so even if BYU gets 3rd in the conference, they could make a strong run in the WCC tournament.

I say this about Kyle Davis. If he still the same old like last year in the next few games than let both Child and Destrup start from now on. We need to see both develop early while we have a young team!

Forget about that. We need to win and go for it all! If Davis can help with that then so be it. We keep talking about developing people year in and year out in both football and basketball and continue losing to GU as they just reload each year.

Well, I saw Davis make 80% of his jump hooks. So, I think he will start. I also remember last year he blocked a ton of shots and rebounded well too. The young guys will have to prove themselves to take time from Davis.

You are embellishing his contributions.

He has underperformed in the areas that the team really needs him to contribute and ends up being a liability.

Sorry… the truth is the truth.