Did Bronco just go to Virginia?

I just read an article saying Bronco has been hired by Virginia. Anyone else hear this?

Here is an article…BYU’s Bronco Mendenhall named head football coach at Virginia

Didn’t know he was looking.

He gives us the toughest schedule ever and then leaves. Great!

Please please please anyone but Anae. Not the navy. Coach Unless you want the option.

I doubt he would take the job and have to run the option at BYU. He would make the adjustment and maybe more defensive oriented.

Gotta have a guy who is a great coach, a great recruiter and a HC who can be great with the amin, alums, players and media.

I’ll trust that the brethren will be inspired to pick the right one.

I’m sure that there are multiple reasons for Bronco leaving and as a private sort of guy, we won’t ever get the whole answer, but one that comes to my mind saddens me, even though I had come to terms with it long ago.

It is that Bronco came to realise that BYU has zero change of getting into one of the big five conferences and he likely wanted to see what he could do on that stage and it would never happen where he was at. He may not succeed, but I think before checking out of coaching all together, he wants to give it a shot to see what he can do without the many BYU limitations.

I don’t blame BYU nor do I blame him for trying. It is what it is for both. But it does seem to indicate that for those of us hoping that one day BYU would rise to the elite, it’s a pipe dream and if I as a fan lament that, how do you think top recruits feel about it? I wish it where different for all of us who love to follow BYU sports, but it would take a really new approach from the decision makers to change this. Could BYU get the funds to compete with the big boys - I have to believe yes through those who would be willing and have money to make it happen. But does BYU want to emphasize sports in that way? I seriously doubt it as there is no question that the money floating around in sports has gotten completely out of control and BYU is not going to join that merry go round. They are not cheap, as shown by a willingness to help student athletes in a meaningful and reasonable way, but 3-7 million a year for a head coach while the school president is making 10 percent of that really is silly and the church is not in this worldly silly game.

I think you are pretty close to the truth. Some people like Lavell Edwards was happy with what he could do for the kids, the school, the fans and the Church at BYU. Bronco wants something else and that’s okay.
I don’t agree that BYU is not an elite school and elite in sports. Most everyone wants to watch us play and many of the really big football schools don’t want to play us because they may lose. We have won a national championship.
The Brethren are also business men too. The Church has bought stock in the marketplace and understand money very well. If they feel it necessary to compete for coaches who want the bigger money, they will. I don’t know what the pay is Bronco was paid. Do you? I don’t believe money was Broncos reason for leaving.

My guess is that Bronco wanted to get paid well for 5 years as the most important thing. But I do think a new challenge with a different environment was a factor also. I would imagine that he wants to see if he can win without all the tings that BYU requires which makes high achievement more difficult.

I doubt the last part had anything to do with his decision. I’m also wondering if Holmo was wondering if it were time to search for a new coach so we could look for a new OC.

I don’t know but I guess serious discussion were had by Holmoe with Bronco about continuing as HC after the Missouri game. Which I believe would be the number one reason for the UVa. move.

Russ: I guess you don’t watch Cougar Nation on BYU TV?

Roy: I agree with your post. Bronco deserves the money and prestige of a P-5 conference after all we went through at BYU. I was up and down on him, mostly down. But he did his best and I hope that we can get a good coach and soon. BYU will have to pay more money to get anybody competitive and its good to see Bronco get the big bucks.
At least he didn’t bolt to Utah like Whit. My first pick might be Kalani Sitake, a good recruiter for the polys and young. If we can’t get him how about Lance Anderson from Stanford. As another defensive coordinator like Bronco
perhaps either new HC might invite Ty Detmer to join him as OC, especially if RA goes to Va. with Bronco.

SG: Holmoe got that schedule, perhaps with a few suggestions help from Bronco.

Navy plays the triple option because of their school situation and the Navy military commitment, just like Army and Air Force.

They were talking all about it before the announcement? Seemed to be a surprised all around when the announcement was made.

During the basketball game today, Holmo was interviewed. He has only known for 3 days. He knew he was talking with teams but nothing new from years past.
Holmo has been talking with possible replacements but we may not know until bowl games are done.

Well… now Bronco can coach in the ACC, where they made a significantly egregious “error” in the game between Clemson and UNC. I think I mentioned in a different thread last week that something like this might happen and it did.

So, late in the game UNC had drawn to within a touchdown and had some serious momentum. They try an onside kick and recover it, giving them an opportunity to make one final drive to tie the game and send it into overtime potentially. All they hoped for was the opportunity… enter the officials, who throw a flag for offsides and UNC is forced to kick again and of course, it doesn’t work this time. Replays clearly indicated that they were not offsides the first time but the play is not reviewable (of course not) and so the opportunity is gone, Clemson wins the game and will go to the national championship playoff, which is exactly what the ACC wanted. Had UNC won, nobody from the ACC would be going.

College football, like every other major sport in the country, is corrupt. Michigan State (the team that beat Michigan on the bogus “muffed punt” earlier this year, will bring a huge following to both national championship bowl games. I know they try their best to make it appear to be real and exciting and it certainly is for the most part, but it’s sad how people are duped into thinking it is, just like the potus pretends that islamic extremist terrorism isn’t real. Also sad to think that there are children in this country who go to bed hungry every night while at the same time Zac Greinke is signing a 6 year baseball contract for over 200 million dollars and the potus continues to push his agenda while ignoring the real problems.


Pretty much agree with you Jim. CFB is corrupt. Whenever there are huge sums of money at stake there will be corruption, no ifs, ands or buts. Other than BYU, I stopped watching CFB several years ago as well as all pro sports. I might go back to watching BYU with the new adventure coming upon us. From the little I know, Sitake would be my choice but he would be making a sacrifice, money and career to come here. The rest I don’t know about.