Disappointing Is An Understatement

I realize that we were not playing with our full team, nonetheless, that was an ugly performance. Some thoughts.

Mika great on offense. However, he appears to struggle somewhat with his defense when it’s just one on one. He seems to allow the ball to come in very low, and hence a number of short little shots get passed him. Now, I have to admit he constantly has to help others who have been beat, so he may be out of position a lot. This is not a rip on him, just an observation. He’s a great player.

Emery’s defense is really full of holes. He just can’t stay in front of his guy. Hard to understand since surely he played a ton with his brother, who could stay in front of almost anyone. I don’t believe it’s a lack of quickness, but more a lack of will. He just doesn’t appear to push himself on D.

Haws ill last night so no comment on that but that boy just has to add at least 10 or 15 pounds in the off season.

Childs had a really bad game all around, but in his defense I have to say, what coach forces a 6’9" guy who doesn’t move real well out to play 25’ from the hoop on D, completely out of position time and time again, and all this for no purpose. That pop out that Rose does with his bigs serves very little purpose outside of screwing up the entire defensive positioning of the team. But Childs is a good player so he’ll come around with some better coaching.

Now, for the rest. What a mess. None of those guys really appear to be D-1 talent. Beo and the rest looked lost most of the game. Defensive awareness, movement and positioning was incredibly bad. They really just looked like guys playing a high school pickup game. I just don’t see any of these guys contributing in any way down the road, and regrettably, that includes Dahlstrup. He just appears clueless. Maybe he just needs a ton of off season court time to get in shape and get his basketball instincts back. But right now it’s hard to see.

In order for this team to be better next year, a few things are necessary. Rose has to get rid of whoever is coaching the D and bring in someone who knows what they heck they are doing. As a team, all of them need to work their butts off on fundamentals of sound defense. An offense utilizing screens and cuts has to be developed to get away from that useless 25’ weave that Rose likes to use. Two to three D-1 ready players have to be added and a number of high school talent has to be shown the door. And finally, a tougher mental attitude has to be developed that allows them to clamp down in a serious way when needed.

Amen! I believe Quincy Lewis was brought in to coach defense. I think a lot of reason for bringing him on board was because he was very successful as a coach at LP and had a great relationship with the LP3 and maybe even Frank Jackson. If Lewis isn’t working out, Rose had better find someone else who can coach defense. I listened to the game last night on the radio. Mark Durrant was pretty appalled last night at how bad BYU was playing the pick-and-roll which is something CB has mentioned time and again on this board. That’s on the coaches, plain and simple. As for the offense, Rose has only made glowing remarks about Nashiff who coaches the offense. You are going to have to change the head coach if you want something different with the offense. As for Lewis, I’d really be surprised if Rose got rid of him after only one year. When a head coach brings a new assistant on board, he may need to be mentored or trained in certain areas. That’s on the head coach if that isn’t happening. This program is a mess right now.

I agree with much what you have. I don’t think you can clamp down when the defense is made for high school ball. The D coach is the former LP coach. He should be the O coach if he’s going to stay. Nashiff has a high school offense as well.
Every team we play knows we can’t defend against cuts from the off ball side and from the top of the key.
Childs has done well on offense this season. He didn’t get much opportunity last night.
I know we lost Bryant that could have made a big difference last night. But, at one point in the game we had only one starter in the game. The end of season tournament is not the time to play everyone like we saw. Not sure what Rose was thinking…

Seems like LP’s success was their offense not defense. The offense is pretty bland. We have no back cuts and little pick and rolls.
When we spot up for 3’s, we generally see our players have to pass the ball over a defender instead of having a clear passing lane like UTA and St. Mary’s have.
Emery’s problem on defense isn’t lack of effort as with the others. It’s simply not knowing his responsibilities and technique. You would think he should know both by now.
As far as last night, UTA had a game they rarely have. They were just plain hit from outside. Even some off balanced layups managed to go in. We had to keep shooting and scoring like the 1st half to have a chance. We didn’t. Too many turnovers!

Good analysis, Franklin.

I wrote up a lot of the bright spots for this team going forward in the UTA thread and that is worth looking at. We do have a lot of good things going even if it is over shadowed by this smelly performance.

UTA is very well coached, kind of had a Golden State feel to their game. They had an unbelievable assist night, 27 and consistently made that next pass even after they got an open look, to even a better look and auto 3. This only comes from a group that has played together for years. Srs vs. Fr… I think they will go far in the tourney.

There is a lot for Rose to think about in the off season.

Just found out from today SLTrib that both TJ Haws and Yoele Child had Flu Like last night.
Anyway, glad the worse season (mostly last two games) is behind us and hope they move forward “coaches and players” what they need to do during off season. It has been not so fun basketball season.

Well, UTA had a starter that had 3 IV’s before the game and that guy played very well. That’s experience at this level.
I just didn’t like the way the game was coached. All the subs in there at key times helped UTA.

Just heard that from the 20 turnovers, UTA scored 32 points. And that’s the ballgame. Haws had a lot of turnovers this year. To me, that’s what happens after 2 years of not playing. He doesn’t recognize the more complicated defenses and the fact college players play the defenses much better. The passes he got away with in high school aren’t as open as they were. Hopefully, he will get better at recognition. Same with Emery and Beo.

Haws is a great shooter. He sometimes drives to the basket and dumps a pass to a big at the last second. Turnovers result when the Big is expecting Haws to shoot the ball and isn’t expecting a pass which is often hard to handle in traffic. Haws is usually better off just taking the shot rather than forcing a pass. Yet, he didn’t really adjust to that very well during the course of the season. Oh well, if these guys can’t figure things out during the off-season we’ll end up seeing the same play again next year.

Saw that part when Mika thought TJ coming in fast was going to shoot when he looked up and realized the ball went by him. Just hope next year won’t be the same again. I will not going to predict how we will do facing smc next year - just hope things will be better for us. Just trying to be positive.

Yes, he forced a lot of passes. Not the one last night that was too hot for Mika to handle. But the ones he would try to thread the needle.
He would take the ball to the hoop if he was stronger like Bryant did. Because he’s so physically week, he can’t keep his body square to the basket in a way to make a layup. He needs to be in the weight room today!

Emery got his record for consecutive games with a three pointer, beat Jimmer for it. He’s done… He will have some good scoring games the next couple of years because he can get hot but he isn’t willing to defend, he commits lazy fouls and he has an arrogant attitude that gets him in trouble on the court.

Not sure which record Haws will go for but he is kind of in the same mold as Emery. Both were entitled high school stars, Haws has the same arrogance issues that Emery does. It is probably a result of the mythical high school title from 4 years ago. Mika handles it with maturity because his confidence is solid. The other two aren’t as confident as they pretend to be.

There, now you have a detailed explanation of one aspect of the culture I am talking about. I won’t go into it beyond that.

So another culter of another person. MATTIE ME! Good example?

It took Rose all season to figure out that Haws needs to be sitting on the bench. He’s a sloppy ball player with a ton of turn overs and bad passes. WYCOWBOY

Now, I wonder what they are really like. I bet they are not arrogant. They are probably nice respectful saints that do their homework and home teaching.

Somehow the other coaches in the conference don’t agree…
They voted Haws as all conference first team which rarely happens for a freshman.

Who is more likely to be correct the other coaches in the conference, (rules forbid a coach from voting for his own players) or the fans commenting after a disappointing loss?

Haws needs to develop a couple of things. One, get in the weight room. Second, take it to the rim stronger. Third, keep his head up while dribbling. He got away with it in high school. I know you and others understand the difference between high school and college ball. Jim and some others don’t. :slight_smile:

Franklin: So where are you going to get better coaching? Are you in favor of Rose and company? How about the ex-BYU Assistant Coach as the new BYU HC?

There is gamesmanship going on in that voting. Other coaches in the WCC would love to pretend to validate coach Roses decision to play Haws lots…
That way it makes their job easier…

For all of u who watched that lone peak team play… It occurs to me that Frampton and Shumway were the defensive stoppers. Especially Shumway. Haws and Emery were never given the responsibility to have to guard the two best players on the other team. We are now seeing the fruits of their labors.