Discount for Single-Game Tickets

If anyone is interested in discounted tickets to our remaining home games, I can get you a promo that takes $10 off the normal ticket price. Email me at [email protected]net if interested.

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Where are the tickets located Sec and Row, and what is the cost? John

You enter the promo code I will give you, then you can pick the exact seats you want by purchasing through BYU’s online website. It simply takes off $10 from the normal price.

Thanks for the offer. Next trip to Provo when there is a game I’ll have to consider that. At the Boise State game the cheapest high end zone seats were $45. Low sidelines were 2-3x more. Prices no longer seem reasonable w/o discounts or other special deals. Probably cheaper the worse the competition though.

That Boise game was priced much higher than our other home games this season. Every other game will be much more affordable. Feel free to shoot me an email when you’re in town. I’d love to help you out.

Is there a promo code for BYU Mens Basketball too?

I don’t have a promo for basketball at this time. I will try to post something if that becomes available to me.