Disrespect after the Zags game

Listening to Adrian Dantley broadcast the BYU Gonzaga game last week.
I strikes me that Gonzaga’s drop from number 1 to number 2 is at least in part a disrespect of BYU from the national voters. If BYU were better respected, ala 5 or 6 years ago, Gonzaga’s beatdown of BYU would have garnered more votes not less for the mighty zags.

Harold, normally I would be in full agreement with you but there are 2 things that have to be applied here…1st- BYU has been so smelly bad for a number of years that nobody cares what we do outside of BYU. Secondly, Gonzaga belongs in the WCC. They do all their damage in the first 11 games, then they lose ground in rankings when elite teams in elite league battle. When two top 10 teams meet, that gets everyone’s attention and votes show that influence.
Gonzaga will lose ground if elite teams wins and Gonzaga will gain a #1 ranking if top 5 ranked teams lose.

You mean battle like Kansas and Kansas State did the other night? :open_mouth:

In the middle of a fight, a basketball game broke out.

Rankings in basketball are so different than football. Because of the number of games played and the litany of teams involved. They will determine how most of the seeding goes prior to the tournament. If Gonzaga and Baylor both continue to win, they will both be number 1 seeds which is an advantage for the first couple of rounds. Baylor will lose another game and Gonzaga might as well so potentially any number of teams will end up number one, but if Baylor was to lose to Kansas it wouldn’t have nearly the Impact as Gonzaga losing to anyone in the WCC

If Coach Larry Kry was coacing for one of those teams. He would cancel the game for safety purpose. :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s what I was thinking. Safety first!

minor point of course but the coaches had both left their benches for the end of the game handshake when the fight broke out. The game was all but over except for a couple clicks of a clock, when a fight broke out.

Mormons have no sense of humor :crazy_face:

Book of Mormon has a sense of humor? :yawning_face:

The loss to all freshman and sophomores Utes looks better today. That team is going to be good with three seven footers and a great point guard.

Utah is a head scratcher. Krysto always has a mass exodus at the end of each season. If he can keep his core together, they could be good in the future.

Maybe one of those three 7 footer might transfer to BYU. :wink:

One of the 7 footers, Carlson, played behind Childs in high school and flew under the radar. He just got back from a mission so he is raw with tremendous upside.