Do you miss me now? Mattie

I just look up Carlino’s stats for the past 8 games or so. He has led the team in scoring every game. He is averaging 19 or 20 ppg. He is shooting between 40 and 50 %, mostly from 3 land. His FT’s are in the 90 % range. I wonder what would have happened if he had stuck around. Many Cougar faithful seemed to be happy that he moved on. I still wonder why he went to the bench in the last half of the season.

Coach blew this one, no doubt about it

Really? I don’t think he blew it. I’m just fine with KC. I think Carlino is playing well because he’s not in the WWE, oh I mean the WCC. Getting the $%^^&* kicked out of you every night takes a toll. His smaller frame bodes well for a more open conference where the officials actually call fouls.

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Coach did not blow it at all in my opinion. You can stop a runner from running. Matty was often sucky and tucked tail and ran. Yes occasionally he was brilliant but not often enough for me. If he were a man of character, he would stayed and proven his worth on the court. I wish he did stay and did just that. I have publicly stated it many times over. I figured with some hard work he could have pulled off a great season but no, he ran like he always did in the past.

Well, other than Haws, who on this team has been anymore consistent than MC was? I guess you could say Worthington is consistently bad on both ends of the floor. I think that was something Rose did observe well in my opinion. Now, do I think he was a better 6th man? Yes! He played better as a 6th man and was there at the end of games as well.

I remember Boston’s coach and how he expected things of Ainge and would bench him for the same mistake other would make on the floor. Some players just “get no respect.” I believe we would have only one loss in the WCC this year had he stuck around.

I agree. I think we would have but one loss in the WCC. And, we may have won a couple of those big games in Hawaii too. Perhaps we would have beat Gonzaga as well. When you have talent, you simply don’t do what Rose did with Carlino and not make sure he has that scholarship.

Winder has played more consistently than Carlino ever did. I don’t think Coach blew it at all; Winder gives us the same offense as did Carlino, but with more consistency adnd far less headache, and brings infinitely better overall defense. With KC at PG, Carlino would have had to fill the role that Fischer does now, and Matty was not buyint that for a minute.

You are making our case. Winder should start. But, Carlino was just as good coming off the bench. Although, as a senior, are you suggesting Carlino could not have improved? He’s showing that he did improve. That was his point.

With Winder hurt, Carlino would have made a huge difference in those past 2 losses. This year, it has hurt not having another more mature senior.

I think Rose was just sick of Carlino and his helicopter dad, and there is no way Carlino would have been OK with 10 minutes a game at PG. It’s probably better for both of them this way. 5-3 in league from here out would give us 21 wins plus the WCC tourney plus the NIT and Rose just might get his 25 wins after all, which would actually be a pretty good accomplishment with zero inside presence on either end of the floor. His success has been phenomenal and I like that we all have high expectations.

Matts production at this time of year at BYU instead of Marquette would have us with only one loss in league. Rose would be sick with that? I’m sure he’s seeing it now.

Too many variables, some of which have been brought up, to say for certain that MC would have been the difference with BYU’s current record. It may have but it may not have. If MC were a 6’8"+ post player and somebody that could defend the inside as well as score from in there, then yes, I agree that he would have been the difference.

BYU has too many streaky, shoot first, 3 point bombers who don’t know how to play defense already. That is WHY they are where they are right now.

I think his experience MAY have helped but it may not have. No way to know.

I hear what you are saying Tom but I’m not quite there with you on this one. I have just seen way too many puzzling coaching decisions, particularly with regards to minutes played for certain players, to believe that there isn’t some responsibility on Rose’ part for the current wcc and overall record at this point in the season.

We all saw what Nielson did last night coming in cold with 4 minutes to go in the game. Why doesn’t FB4 get more minutes? Why does Fischer have the green light to huck up long bombs whenever he wants to? Why do they always want to go to Haws at the end of the game when he has proven he is shaky in crunch time? Why was Worthington “holding down the inside” when it is obvious he is the least skilled big man BYU has?

I think I can stop now, but there is probably more…

Rose doesn’t get off the hook so easy at this point, there is plenty off stuff laying at his feet. A lot of the coaching decisions make no sense…

I’m probably too defensive of Coach Rose, in part because I’m afraid he’d leave and I don’t think we could ever do better, unless Stan Watts is available. I am 100% bewildered by why FB4 doesn’t get 20 minutes per game at the expense of Fischer, Nixon and Toolson. On that point I have no way to explain what’s going on.

This year is bewildering. In fact, the same could be said of the football situation. If you take some of the decisions that have been made over there and mix them with the basketball decisions and throw in the injuries to both teams… it has been a strange 2014-15 for sure.

Is there something in the provo water?

It all seems so strange and out of sorts… like the cosmos are misaligned. Oh wow, what is the name of BYU’s mascot? Does anybody know who he/she is this year? I’m grasping but that’s what you do when nothing makes sense.

You guys have it all wrong-I vote for Worthington as being most consistant_speaking of the cosmos-Cosmo is pretty consistant too:)

Matty quit…he is a quitter…he cut and ran. I don’t defend quitters. Not Mr. football and not Mr. basketball.

Both quiters

I agree with you Fish. They faced a little adversity or uncertainty and instead of being humble and working harder to improve their performance they ran. I don’t defend those that run from a challenge. The great ones adapt, improve, and overcome. That is why these guys are not great ones IMHO.

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bartley is getting minutes now that KC is out.

Maddy B. did not/does not/would not solve our team weaknesses. Biggest weaknesses are deep in the paint where we have no experience with Nate out. Plus Nate has one downside: not enough “O”.So now we are left with a bevy of big, new, tall guys: Worthington has given us ZIP in terms of scoring. Corbin is slowly getting better, but just not enough improvement as of yet, Andrus shows signs of great stuff with more time under his belt as does Isaac Neilsen. Our great hope is Aytes who will likely not be fully recovered until next season. There you have it but Maddy in no way fills the huge void we now face.