Does anybody seriously think Dave Rose is on the hot seat?

I was disappointed with last season given the expectations but there were a rash of injuries to key players. Not just one player but at least 3 key players; Bryant, Davis, and Rose and this seriously affected the rotation and depth.

This season there has been a major roster overhaul, Emery is out for the year, two big men are injured, and there are only 11 available players right now and one is a walk-on. I like the 8 man rotation that is developing and think it could be a good year but depth will be a serious issue if there are any more injuries. Even if this proves to be Rose’s worst season there is no way I would consider him to be on the hot seat given his career record. There is not a single senior on the roster. If he can keep all the key players and doesn’t lose some to transfers I think there is reason for optimism going forward. I suspect Emery will be back next year and Gavin Baxter will be off his mission.

Somebody on a football discussion said Rose was on a short leash. I think that is nonsense and wonder where this stuff comes from.

In the past, Rose didn’t use his bench at all, so “depth” wasn’t an “issue.” It was, but he wasn’t going to use his bench. Maybe that’s changed with Shroyer now.

All players should play as much as possible, if possible, so that they a) have game experience, and b) have good morale. Rose has really squandered this in the past.

Agreed–Rose is there however long he wants to coach. If we take a step back and are realistic about things, I think we have to say that Rose has done a great job with the talent we have. Rose’s tenure has been like Bronco’s was: generally fun to watch, pretty good every year, teasingly close to great a couple times but rips our hearts out in the end, and doesn’t embarrass the university. I think it’s reasonable to expect that from our coaches/programs.

PS One more thing: although I totally think Rose is there as long as he wants to be there, I HOPE that whenever he steps away BYU comes after Mark Pope with everything they can muster.

well said…I hope that Rose gets his Final Four in the next while…(yes dream big when fantasizing)…gets the most wins in BYU history,…earns his HoF cred and then retires while Pope is still available to move on from UVU

What prompted this thread were the following statements by the same poster:

“Rose on the other hand, is on a short leash!”

“At best the BB team will finish 4th but it will probably be 5th in the WCC. Get ready for a new coach there too! The UVU game may be the start of the Unraveling.”

“Rose will be the next coach shown the door.”

I would ask Mr. Thawk how he has determined Rose is on the way out. What are the sources (other than unnamed BB program insiders he allegedly knows). There used to be guy who posted a lot here who claimed to have a mole in AD office who fed him the latest inside dope. Of course the source was never revealed because more than likely the source was the janitor in the AD office.

Even if the BB team finishes 4th or 5th in the WCC I seriously doubt Rose will be fired.

It’s always curious to me to read stuff allegedly “leaked” by “sources in the athletic department.” I would look pretty skeptically on information from a person who is cheating their employer and breaching a trust by sharing confidential information in the first place. I’m pretty close to some pretty significant “sources,” and they don’t tell me stuff they are not supposed to share; and, if they did, no way in he!! I’d post it on some message board and betray the person who told me.

Hopefully with the addition of coach Schuler(Sp?), the defense may pick up and be better than in years past…

Hopefully the injury bug is in preseason only…

You will have a lot more answers after this week about BYU basketball. Win tonight and against USU and I might buy into this team for 3rd in the
WCC. Lose and they are basically a 500 team. Rose will stay, but the Lone Peak recruiting emphasis hasn’t developed like expected. All in
All-lazy recruiting. Pope gets my vote if Rose has had enough.

Really? I’ll stick with Rose. Great game tonight at UVU.

No. He has flaws, but I’ll take it. 20 wins a season for this long is too good to mess with it. Also, I like the changes I’m seeing. I guess you could say Rose knows to bring in assistants with specific talents and incorporate them. I’m seeing patient ball movement and passing to the open man. Good team defense most of the time. Fewer bad decisions. We’ll always have an athletic disadvantage but we can get a strategic advantage with skill.

One of the things that was encouraging about last night was the play of Cannon. I had forgotten about him and never thought he would be a contributor when I heard he had transferred to BYU. With only 11 men prior to last night depth was a real concern and it appears Cannon will help with that. Any word on whether Shaw or Andrus will return this year?

Aro, I am the one who says Rose is on a short leash. I am owning up to the comment. I think if BYU shows up Below 3rd place in the WCC he will be asked to step away or however they couch it. He was in the hotseat last year and Nashif was the lamb led to slaughter much the same as Sitaki was moved to demote Detmer! The fire was hot! I am the first to admit that against UVU Rose played way more players meaningful minutes and the new assistant seems to have the defense acting like they have heard that word before. Emery being out is also a big help to this team! If Andrus could get healthy he will bring some good things with him. Hopefully we will see this team improve and continue to share the ball and play defense or things will fall apart in WCC play.

Really nice game from BYU. Cannon did a great job of playing under control. He will be good for this team. Now if Haws can get his shooting touch back it will be a help. Looking forward to Saturday’s game against USU. Tough place to play and if they win looks good for 3rd in league play. Good win!

Terry was terrible as a coach.

I agree but Rose kept him around for years. Kind of like LaVell … all his good assistants moved onto greener pastures and the bad ones stayed in place until at the end there was just poor coaches on staff. Nashif was weak and so is Detmer.

You are referring to a guy named KC Black. He claimed he had a mole deep in the Athletic Dept who fed KC info. KC never revealed his source and was very vague when questioned on Cougarfan. I grew weary of KC because he always lead us to believe that something big and special was right around the corner such as a Big 12 invite or some amazing recruit coming to BYU. But much like Detmer’s offense, KC didn’t deliver.

By the way, I’d like to see BYU become an option team. I say hire an OC who is currently a WR/RB Coach at Navy or Air Force. I’m tired of the Pro Style or even a read option offense at BYU. Let’s become a trickery option team where our slow receivers won’t hinder us like they do now.

Yep, It was KC alright. I was trying to avoid using his name but I suspect most people knew who I was talking about. Thawk’s assumptions that Rose will be gone if BYU has a bad season reminded me of KC. I don’t think there is any basis to assume that.

I agree with my brother’s assessment that Rose’s job is safe. By the way, here’s an interesting basketball tidbit. You know who is really good at hoops? Parker Mangum (Tanner’s older brother) and Jeremy Guthrie. Both are in my stake and we play on the same Rec League team. Guthrie is super competitive and is a great guard. Mangum (6’4" 230) is a monster around the hoop.

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It would be interesting to hear Parker take on his brother issues this year…

I know he would not say anything because of the relationship, but it would be interesting to hear what he thinks.