Does anyone think it is a good idea to

see if Kalani to hire Gary Anderson as DC or some type of position?

Not sure Gary would do it, but the guy has always developed good defenses.

It won’t ever happen. And no it is not a good idea. Anderson has too many issues and they don’t square with BYU.

This isn’t directed at you personally, but good defenses? Seeing how many points (on average) his teams have given up I don’t think I would equate Anderson with good defenses. Maybe it’s because I grew up surrounded by SEC teams, but don’t consider a coach who’s teams regularly give up over 30 points-per-game to be eligible of being classified as having good defense.

Not only that, but this is a guy (Anderson) that complained at Wisconsin because they hold players to the same academic standards as other students. I think he would be a step backwards at BYU. Religious/Honor code issues and a crappy season aside, BYU has always graduated well educated and informed students. I wouldn’t want to jeopardize that in any form. At the end of the day education is far more important than athletics.

Look at what Anderson did at Utah (he created the vaunted U defense), or at Utah State. He did Okay with Wisconsin, but at Oregon State, that program was in the dumpster and with his assistant coaches not putting their ego’s ahead of the players.

I think Anderson would be a good addition, He is better DC than our current one and has lot more experience.

Floyd, I agree with you about him being a better coordinator than our current one! It is just the off field issues and personality that I don’t believe would mesh well with BYU administrators.

This must be a “utah” phenomena. I have never heard of the “vaunted U defense”.

Man, some of you guys need to get out (of Utah) more often.

What Anderson did at OSU was a total grease fire–or more like a house fire. That burns to the ground… He took a program that, despite the worst resources in the conference, was never great but always competitive, and it took Anderson about two weeks to make it one of the worst teams in America. Then Anderson quits, and within 7 days, OSU, coached by one of those “selfish” assistants, is instantly competitive again. And on his way out the door sends a bunch of angry texts to a reporter? Awesome composure there…I’ve always thought Anderson leveraged ONE good season at USU with a fully healthy Chuckie Keaton into some narrative that he is some genius coach. I for one hope BYU wants NOTHING to do with him.
Anderson record: USU 26-24, with 11 wins in the one year Chuckie Keaton was healthy
Wisconsin 19-7 and run out of town on a rail.
OSU 7-23 before he quit.
Career: 52-54. Some genius.

Yes, I agree! The OSU debacle is reason enough not to touch that guy with a 10 foot pole.

Maybe you look at your hatred for Utah…

I am repeating what National Sports Reporters are saying… Not just because I live in Utah…

Utah has had a reputation of having one of the best Defenses in the PAC12. Hell, Jim they have beaten BYU 7 straight times… That says enough.

I am still not sold about our current DC. Last year most of those D’s players were Bronco team. And this season has been too soft. I like to see something change in that department and I don’t know anything about Coach Anderson.
I do missed Bronco on D’s side.

I agree with Tom. Anderson would be no good for BYU.


That doesn’t say anything. BYU is not a very good team… and they are getting worse.

Honestly, I have not heard that Utah is some awesome defense. Sorry… I wish I had, then you wouldn’t have some strange idea that I hate Utah.

Very True… BYU has not been a relevant team since 2000, based on your comments.