Does BYU get it back on track tonight?

Here’s hoping the Cougars get it figured out tonight and get back to some winning ways.

I say BYU goes for 80+ points and wins by 15.

Is that a blue goggle wearing prediction?

I want some analysis fish… and anyone else that wants to give their two cents.

Things I noticed tonight -

  1. Fischer shoots too much.
  2. I love KC but how many point blank misses did he have?
  3. Kaufusi gave a good effort but does anyone else wonder why Nielson isn’t getting more time? I’ve been questioning this for a long time now.
  4. Was Haws set on passing Danny Ainge tonight? I saw several ill advised shots as he got closer to passing the legend.
  5. What exactly is Rose’s gameplan? I have lots of questions regarding players, minutes and substitution patterns after tonight.

Like we always seem to say… we’ll know more about this team in the next game or two and we’re always left wondering what their identity is or if they even have one. It is like each game is something new… no idea who is playing, when they are playing or what the general game plan is. The fact that they won tonight was as much pure dumb luck as anything. The game could have easily been USF’s.

I was at the game and I have 4 things to say about the SF game…The refs killed any flow to the game. The pathetic rec league refs made a series of poor calls all night long (how about that last foul on Nielson that clearly was a charge) and it was against both teams.

  1. Rose left Kaufusi in after his 4th foul…gets his 5th 10 seconds later. He has to have some brain fog going on there…Starts Kaufusi, then goes to Andrus, the Worthington and finally to Neilson (who does have a shot and shows some emotion) I give up on the rotation???

  2. Rose never rests Haws in the 2nd and BYU would have lost to any other WCC tonight.

  3. That was the saddest 3 point display I have seen. There was no rhythm and you can blame that on the crazy rotations and the pathetic refs.

They are a nice little team that tries hard every night. They are not a great team, let’s just enjoy what we have with them. A mid level WCC team.

Well KC you are certainly an optimist and that’s probably better than believing the sky is falling all the time, but I have to say that was one of the ugliest games I have ever watched BYU play and still eke out a win. I made the comment to my son in the second half that you might as well give the ball to Haws every time down the floor, because nobody else showed up. Neilson made a couple of game saving buckets down the stretch, but NONE of the big 3 know how to play defense very well. I see Frank got in and made a basket and a couple of foul shots I believe and a couple of boards then picked up a couple of (hustle fouls) and bye bye Frank. Refs were typical WCC but they didn’t throw up the bricks that were raining on the MC. Saw a little of Andrus and He hustled pretty good- then bye bye Andrus. Kyle looked like he couldn’t find the yellow brick road-but hey-I obviously don’t have a clue either-about whats going on with BYU :smile:0

FB4 sighting, and it looked good. I’m mystified. We were in the double bonus with 13 minutes left, but kept chucking up wild 3’s, which is also mystifying. The Rec League Refs have no feel for the balance between tough play and maintaining control–they call nothing (USD game) or everything (last night). No rhythm and nobody knows what the rules are. I can see why Rex Walters and I both felt the same way watching that game. I would definitely have been T’d up if I were miked up on my couch.

Will you stop with the pandering… please?

A nice, little team… because even if it is true (which it might be) it sounds demeaning and derogatory. We get it already, no need to say it over and over again.

The reason I say “even IF it is true” is because I don’t think any of us is really sure. Is this the team that beat Stanford, UMass and took Utah, SDSU to the wire? Or is this the team that blew out wcc teams back to back on the road? Or is it the team that is 6-4 in 4th place wcc?

BYU has 8 games left before the wcc tourney and we still have no idea where this team will finish or how good/bad they really are.

This is not the same team that played well early in the year. Too Many injuries to key players. All I can say is Rose is trying to find a group of players out of this motley crew but those substitutions were horrendous.

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even the weaker teams in the wcc have players that can come off the bench and fill a role when necessary. Why is it that BYU is so adversely affected by injuries?

Austen went down and BYU had no inside game.
Winder goes down and the team weakens immediately.
KC gets the flu and instant excuse for a loss at home.
Fischer hurts his hand and he still hucks up 8 or 9 3’s.

The reason there is nobody to fill in is because they didn’t get the minutes early in the season when they needed the experience. The players are there, they just lack confidence and experience.

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