Doug Robinson: What do BYU's low draft numbers mean? - 5 May


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There were a lot of good posts in response to Doug Robinson’s column about BYU’s low draft numbers.
I generally agree with all of them. We shall see what the COA stipend will do. Also it will be interesting to see what will happen as a result of this coming season’s tough schedule and how BYU is perceived if they go 6 and 6 or 7 and 5 against the high level of competition in 2015. I generally agree also with the notion that BYU does not necessarily get recruits with great raw athletic value, raw speed and power.
The problem of independence may be over come with a decent season after the 2015 tough schedule. It may result in more exposure and if BYU can win even one or two of the tough games on the road (UCLA, Missouri). I would be very surprised if BYU wins at Nebraska. We may even have a tough time at Utah State, it might be based on how beat up BYU may be by November. Will Taysom Hill still be playing after games three or five?