Drop Dead Date for BIG12 to invite for 2016

Just wondering what the drop dead date for the BIG12 to invite schools to their league for those schools to participate in for the 2016 season? Somehow in my mind I think it’s August 31st of this year, but I’m not sure.
Any ideas if they were to invite when it has to be done and accepted (by the NCAA) by?

Thanks - Go Cougars!

What is this all about SF? To me it sure doesn’t look like any expansion of the Big 12 (10) Conference in 2016 to include BYU or Boise State. I hope that your thoughts and wishes come true and BYU gets into the Big 12 in 2016.

Just guessing here but the announcement has to be soon especially for football. I would think its gotta come before end of this month.
I’m almost certain football can not happen until 2017 season. Very likely the same date (fall) for all other sports. BTW this discussion sure has a ton of ute fans with their undies in a knot.

Yes, I want to get in. (Well and P5). I know that the NCAA requires so many days before the team can start playing in the conference. Just didn’t know when that “date” was.
If September starts, I know it won’t be for the 2026 season. I’m hoping we hear something before.