Elijah Brigham Bryant

Great Article about Elijah and his mother Israel. His mom did a lot for him starting at very young. And she took him to AUU 4 hours round trip to practice and be home till late hour. Eli is still having issues with his knee (or leg) and that is why we haven’t seen his explosive plays as what Dave Rose said before coming to BYU.

Reduce his minutes and protect him. This is absurd and it’s been an issue all season long.

what the F, Man. I say we increase his minutes, play him all game and strengthen the leg. :grin:

I have not words, buddy. I feel like I am watching a bad dream.

I agree with you. But, I don’t get it about Payton Dastrup. Two days ago on Deseretnews all I read about his “CHEERLEADING?”
I posted on another place earlier that I am fed up with Dave Rose. Every year same thing, “NO DEVELOPMENT” on his team. And many players are leaving “transfer or go Pro early.” Who knows, will Heath Schroyer going to stick around?

Sorry, I will not discuss if Dave Rose should retire or step down. This is not place what I think about BYU coaches. Well, I did said that Tony Ingle should go.

If enough fans post their feelings, I am certain that it filters back to Rose. He felt the heat last year about the no defense thing and now we have Schroyer. I have read enough articles from the Herold, Trib and DNews to see that there are rumblings on this topic of player development. This week alone, the Dastrup and the B4 piece. Rose will either have to start listening one would think

Tony Ingles, he would never come back but I would back him in a second.

I agree he wonldn’t come back and I wasn’t being negative about him. Great guy and it was fun that Tony won NC at smaller school and hearing him doing some fun stuff with his players.

Sounds like Jamal Williams’ mother. By the way, is Elijah LDS?

Yes he is and he has been a BYU fan his whole life. He wanted to come to BYU but they did not even waste a recruiting trip on him.

We have this automatic web called BYU nation. why not plug into it?