Emery withdrew from school today

Emery cited his mental condition from the divorce. But says he has every intention to return and play again.

I think this is a good thing for him…

How would you like your personal laundry splashed over the news? Not sure, i could handle it.

Having watched a son go through a very bitter divorce, I feel for Nick. I hope he will take this time to work with the bishop and a good therapist to help get his head straight. I am not so worried about his basketball playing days, but making sure the scars from this, does not affect his life forever.

Glad he is taking a step back to regroup and move forward.

My daughter went through the same thing. Takes years. So, part of the therapy is stay busy doing positive things you love to do. For Emery, basketball is that release. School can be too. I think he’s doing this to preserve his eligibility for 2 more years. He will be lock step with Haws.

Just curious and thought someone might know. Is he allowed to use the bball facility or attend practices to stay in touch with the team while he’s not a student/not on the team?

Keeping busy with hours every day on the bball court sharpening his own skills and sharpening skills of others on the team seems like it could help him and the team…

Yes he can. Not sure if that’s what he would do or just go to some of the courts in the fieldhouse. But, kids from the various high schools and middle schools go up there and play.

Not sure how useful for him or the team his blowing out HS or middle school students would be.
Perhaps his parents monies which apparently were used to fund some of his divorce recovery activities drawing the attention of the NCAA could be used for him to spend time with some of the professionals the NBA uses to improve their personnel away from the team…just thinking…

You asked and I answered. Yes. He can go play pickup games. During the summer of 79, I would watch Fred Roberts playing pickup games with gym rats and a couple of teammates.

the former football player Pendleton has a performance gym not far from Nick’s Emery home.

I do not think basketball should be considered when dealing with these issue, we don’t know the whole story and we should trust Nick is doing what he thinks is best.

You don’t think he’s had some talks with coach Rose? Perhaps it was Rose who suggested the year off.
I question why he’s taking the year off. Perhaps because he’s not going to get to play this year anyways.
If Emery is pro material NBA or overseas, this reason is one teams would be reluctant to give him a contract. We know it’s a difficult thing what he’s going through. But, not a reason to quit.