Enough is enough!

The fact that 90% of the population has a camera on them at all times now a days and this crap still goes on just speaks to the dirty cop problem we still have in America when it comes to white cop killing black men. Enough is enough!!! Far too many corrupt cops!!! They attract too many high school drop outs or military rejects or just mentally ill people with authority complexes. It needs to change and more need to spend life in jail for murdering suspects!!!

Do we have black cops killing white men too? Probably. Instead of making this a racial issue, make it a criminal issue plane and simple. Why he killed that guy only the person knows. Maybe he will eventually say it.

Now, why the reason this goes on certainly doesn’t have anything to do with a person being a high school drop out. High school is required in all police departments as a minimum. And, when a person ends their military service, that doesn’t make them a reject from the military. Police departments are required to subject prospects to a lot of mental testing to help weed the violent and crazy people out. That’s already being done. The badge gives people authority. So, not sure what the complex comment is all about. If we liken this to the scriptures, then almost all people abuse their authority as the nature of the beast.

I’m not defending this cop. He was clearly wrong and is being prosecuted for murder. The other events like Ferguson were not the cop’s fault. I don’t see an epidemic like you seem to think.

I think KC watches MSNBC too much. This current event looks pretty bad but there have been numerous other reports that were not what they seemed to be ie; Ferguson. Most of the stories concerning white cops abusing black suspects turn out to be something entirely different than what they are initially reported to be and in most cases the white cop is exonerated. This most current story appears to break the mold. I am sure MSNBC and CNN must be ecstatic because they may have a real story for a change. The statistical fact is that a far greater percentage of blacks commit crimes compared to whites and there are far more white police officers than black police officers so it is more likely that a black suspect will be killed by a white cop than than a white suspect being killed by a black cop. Most of the time there is no racial motivation. KC is evidently a classic leftist who sees racism in every police action involving black suspects.

Do you think KC has something he’s hiding in the closet that makes him want to hate police and those who speak out against gay marriage?

I’m as open as can be, I don’t care for cops who kill suspect and people who try to legislate their morals in others.

But I’m for smaller government and constitutional rights for everyone so I understand why some on here dissagree with me.

Marriage is not a constitutional right. That’s why States should decide not based on the constitution. States existed to begin with separately for like-minded people. It should stay that way.

I think KC is a liberal who can’t decide if he believes the liberal gospel more than words of the prophets. My perception is that he thinks the church should evolve to be in step with the world when in fact the gulf between the world and the church is widening and will continue to do so. That is my perception. He can respond to it if he chooses to. If the police officer is guilty as he appears to be he should be appropriately punished according to the law. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson shouldn’t decide guilt or innocence or what the appropriate punishment should be.

Racism is fueled by the press. They love stories about whites shooting blacks. They even fabricate things like in the George Zimmerman shooting. Zimmerman is not white. He is Hispanic but nobody vetted the story before they reported it as a white guy gunning down an innocent black child. Almost nothing about the way story was first reported was true. Almost nothing about the way the Ferguson story was first reported was true.

I don’t think K.C. is hiding anything in the closet. I just think he has issues with some church policies and church leaders and this seems to be a problem for a lot of liberals in the church. Actually the word liberal used to mean something quite different. A liberal person was once thought of as open minded and tolerant. Now liberals are just permissive and those who don’t go along with their permissiveness are labelled as being intolerant which is actually a great irony.

Stay on topic, cops shooting an unarmed fleeing man for a broken tail light and back child support payments due. Nothing about this adds up. The cop blew it, and should spend the rest of his life in prison for it.

My disdain for this cop has very little to do with your opinion of me and the church. But way to expose yourself and adhominem tactics.

Instead why don’t you talk about the subject of the thread?

The only problem is that you used the story to make broad statements about law enforcement officers in general and made a gross generalization that there are too many white cops killing black men. You can try to weasel around what you said but the meaning is plain. I addressed your statement in my first post. I don’t believe it is a serious problem. I think there is the occasional rogue cop and the incident you posted on appears to be one of those cases and if everything you say is true the officer should be locked up.

My second post was in response to Scott Gavenman’s question directed to me concerning you. I gave him my opinion based on a multitude of posts you have made on various topics. I figured you would read it and wouldn’t care for it. It was my answer to him about whether you were hiding something in the closet. I told him I didn’t think you were. You are pretty direct in your views and it appears you are a liberal and if that is what you are then embrace it and if not prove me wrong. It was not an ad hominem attack since the comments were a direct response to Scott’s question about whether you were hiding something in your closet and had nothing to do with the validity of your initial post.

You may be right about the South Carolina cop. I haven’t really followed the story. If what you say about the South Carolina cop is true then I would have to agree with your opinion concerning that cop. The fact of the matter is you used that cop’s actions to editorialize about a general problem I believe to largely be invented by race hustlers with agendas.

This is your initial post:

“The fact that 90% of the population has a camera on them at all times now a days and this crap still goes on just speaks to the dirty cop problem we still have in America when it comes to white cop killing black men. Enough is enough!!! Far too many corrupt cops!!! They attract too many high school drop outs or military rejects or just mentally ill people with authority complexes. It needs to change and more need to spend life in jail for murdering suspects!!!”

That’s a pretty broad brush you are painting with. How many incidents of dirty white cops killing black men can you document other than stories breathlessly told on CNN and MSNBC and by Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson, that have later been proven to be something very different than white cops murdering black male suspects? The South Carolina incident may be exactly what you say it is but those type of incidents are very rare.

I stsnd by my comments about too many white cops killing black men. It’s out of control and too many dirty cops getting away with it. Cops are not the cream of the crop, we know that without question.

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I swear I could post one of these every day, enough is enough!!!

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When I am President we will eliminate all racial tracking. Seeing race in everything is helping no one.

In KC’s defense he has watched A LOT of youtube videos so he’s pretty much an expert. Oh, and there is a guy he goes to church with that used to be a cop so he has talked to him as well. I am glad you learned everything you need to know about cops through shaky youtube cell phone videos. That’s like saying there is a huge corruption problem in our military because some people were caught pissing on prisoners. Fact is most cops do the right thing for the right reason. Are there bad ones? Absolutely, JUST LIKE IN EVERY OTHER PROFESSION ON THE PLANET! Don’t forget the SC cop was arrested and charged with murder. Remember it’s not the cops or prosecutors that are choosing not to indite officers, its the CITIZENS that are on the grand jury. I am sure this SC cop will get what he deserves and I gladly support that, but in Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases the truth finally all came out and the CITIZENS said not guilty. Stupid evidence and facts are always getting in the way of KC’s “racist” youtube videos.

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As usual, there is always more to the story. It appears that the guy used the cops taser on the cop…


I don’t buy it, it’s murder plain and simple. You can’t kill someone like this, cop or no cop. Not a license to kill in my book.

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Of course you don’t. It doesn’t fit into your the cop is always wrong idea. :wink:

I’m not saying the cop is justified here. I feel they have done the right thing with him at this time. The issue people need to realize is that the cop is law enforcement. If you choose not to do what they ask you to do, there can be consequences for not doing so.

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Supposedly on CNN today…


The question is, Blacksake up 13% of the population and more than half are being shot and killed than whites? KC would jump on that based on liberal emotions. What logically is needed is to know the percentage of blacks involved in violent altercations versus whites involved. Are there more blacks involved in violent criminal acts that whites percentage wise? Yes. Is it because of bigoted police? No.

So much ignorance. We don’t have to wonder whether police have a history of mistreating blacks. It’s a fact, as the Ferguson investigation plainly showed. Religion sure doesn’t seem to make people kinder or more compassionate. It seems the opposite is true.