Equal Rights Act passes in the House

In the late 1970’s, the progressive left tried to get the Equal Rights Amendment passes by the Convention of the States. It didn’t pass. The Church was against it because it would confuse the sexes as we are seeing today with the LGBTQT. The Church leaders also saw that it could affect the 1st Amendment and religious rights. Well, this week, the Democrat Run House of Representatives voted for the Equal Rights Act. Same thing. It will force federally funded universities to not in any way discriminate based on religious doctrine and policies transgender or gay persons. That will affect BYU, Notre Dame, Liberty and many other religious institutions. It will also force sports teams to allow boys and men to participate in girls and women’s sports destroying real girls and women’s opportunities in sports competition. Exactly what President Kimball and Apostles with him said would happen.
Every Democrat in the House voted for it. This is how progressives work. They are patient and will wait decades to strike and destroy our Constitution and way of life. Including attacking our free exercise of religion. Go ahead Democrats and say it’s no big deal. The sky isn’t going to fall. We know we are in the last days and those who continue to vote with these obvious left wing destroyers of the Constitution and this nation will be held accountable.
Go ahead some of you and try to defend this. Let’s see you show your hands in this.

Hopefully the Republican controlled Senate will shoot it down.

With several Mitt Romney’s in the Senate, our hope may either be Mitch McConnell who will not bring it to even a committee or President Trump. It’s not for equal pay. It’s to destroy the family so the Church cannot function. President Nelson’s direction to move gospel study to the family is the direction I was taught would happen when I joined the Church in 1977. That the Church buildings may not exist in the future to meet in for even Sacrament.

So sad to see this once great country swirl itself down into the sewer.

Like so many other things going on today, I don’t understand it…

None of it makes one bit of sense to me.

Satan is trying to destroy the Church again. Why? I mean, he can read and knows he will be jailed for 1,000 years if he goes too far. I can only guess Satan thinks he can go right up to the edge and keep it there indefinitely. He is wrong.

thought about your comment over the weekend, I am not sure that it has gotten worse, I just think it is more commonly known because of the internet 24/7 cycle.

I do believe the line between good and evil is becoming more definitive than ever before. I think it is more “blatant” than ever before.
On the bright side, I also think that we have some very strong youth who are as faithful as any saints in church history. I see them come to the Temple to do baptism in record numbers.

I also think this change you are talking about is going to take some current members by surprise, Brigham Young once prophesied that in the last day there will be a great purge, and it will start from within the church. I think some members have gotten to comfortable with being members. they go to church on Sunday and that is basically it. They do not “minster” to their neighbors, rarely interact with neighbors, etc.

Read President Nelson Priesthood talk again, I found some great advice in it.

I thought it was Brigham Young that talked about the purge or divide in the Church. We saw some of it with the ERA Amendment and now this ERA Act with the Democrats in the House. The Church has always asked us to be a part of politics in our communities and we now see the good and the bad from it. The great divide is coming and it’s both political and sexual promiscuity confusion.

It’s also an attack on religious freedom. You do remember Hillary saying we would have to change what’s written in the Bible! Look it up! There goes Romans Chapter 1. And we will have to change the Family Proclamation as well.

What you said about Hillary and the Bible makes no sense. The Bible was written by Prophets. Hillary has no authority over the writers of the Bible or any other scriptures like the Book of Mormon, the D and C, and the Pearl of Great Price or an other scriptures like the Kuran or any other Holy Writ.

As President, she would push to silence what she calls religious bigotry against LGBTs. So, as she has stated, she will push to have things that attack LGBT taken out of the Bible. She said we would have to change our doctrine. The ERA bill would start that process.

You should listen to what the CURRENT Prophet says about how we are treat others, we shoul work on our own Salvation and teach our families the gospel, that should be our focus.

Does he say that we should discard the Proclamation to the World? Should we ignor the Doctrines and commandment? Does he want the Church to look like every other Church who accepts evil? I don’t think so. I think we can walk and chew gum at the same time. We can denounce the ERA while helping others who struggle with same sex attraction.