Everyone is silent and praying

It’s so quiet on game day. Is it because we are fasting and praying for a victory? Or, because we want everyone to forget our insane comments on why we lost to Utah? Or something else :slight_smile:


Good win for BYU, but Tennessee snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in this game.

Still exciting nonetheless and a fun game to watch.

Let’s hope this gets the team moving… they had more offense in the OT periods than they had most of the game.

USC struggled last week but their freshman qb looks pretty good. They have a lot of speed and will be tough to beat.

Lastly, stop creating a new thread for every post you make.

New topic so it makes sense to start a new thread :slight_smile:

This shows a team can make big changes from week 1 to week 2. As Tennessee was much better this week.

Wow, what an amazing comeback win. It reminded me of a win or two against Utah. Didn’t we have similar improbable wins against Utah in the 1996-2003 time frame? One where Collie caught a deep ball on 4th and 15 or whatever. Then didn’t we have something similar with Doman (?) throwing two 40 yard bombs to Michael Pittman to get us close? Then Doman ran it in for the game winner. Might have been 2001 in Lavelle’s last regular season game.

Vs Tennessee, our defense was strong. Yes, we gave up 240 yards rushing. But we bowed up when we needed to.

A pass to Austin Collie I believe was 19 but close enough.
Doman to Luke Staley pass and Staley ran to TD along the sideline most of the way. Great memory.
Last night, Wilson to Simon long throw and luckly they tackled him at the right moment to go for FG. Great OT WIN !!!