Finally Johnson gets his due

BYU basketball: ‘Do-it-all guy’ Spencer Johnson’s ‘twisty, long road’ - Deseret News

Pope spreads it on pretty thick but he is not far from who Spencer Johnson is to the team. Not a main scorer but easily our best defender of big physical guards and small forwards.

Is he a good player? Yeah, sure he is.

Does he give it everything he has? Yes, absolutely.

Does he warrant playing for a high level D-1 team? Maybe, unless you consider BYU a high level D-1 team and then maybe not.

Would he be an asset if BYU were in the Big 12 right now? Maybe, but the debate is a good one.

Yes, Pope does pour it on pretty thick but that is the world we live in today. Everyone is this incredible, awesome person that does everything. Yes, we ALL have that potential but 99% or more of us aren’t even close to it. I think it could be toned down a little for sure.

Yes, he helps the team and does everything he can. I’m just not sure it is enough to make a difference in the outcome of a game. BYU is squeaking by the bottom dwellers of the WCC lately and not playing all that well. Let’s hope they can find some confidence and start playing like they did earlier in the season.

Other than missing a layup, getting one rebound and committing one silly foul, Johnson was non existent vs. St. Mary’s. Knell only had a rebound and a foul, didn’t take a shot.

Major bummer… any contribution in a positive way might have helped BYU to a win.

Knell didn’t play in the 2nd half. Not sure why. We just missed some short shots. But the main reason for the loss was 12 second half turnovers. It’s been our Achilles heal all season.

SMC is who they always are. BYU had 17 turnovers in a low possession game, meaning SMC runs the slowest most deliberate offense in the nation and 10 turnovers are too much when you only get 30 or so total possessions. BYU out rebounds SMC by 10 and still losses.

Our main killer is that we don’t have enough fire power. Teams ALWAYS double Barcello, means someone is wide open but if we have, say, 3 shooters on the team, they are always covered. I would put 5 scorers in if they are going to double Barcello. We don’t have 5. period, end of BYU story.

Shooting percentage was fine. We did miss some easy shots as well. But, the real problem is the turnovers. 12 in the second half. That’s the end of story.

Didn’t watch the game, so I can’t really comment on it, except it was closer than I thought. BYU just has too many obstacles going against it this year. Pope has gotten about all he could out of this group and the WCC is about as good overall as I’ve seen it. I won’t miss the officiating when they leave the conference-probably the worst in the country. I guess if I could describe BYU this season with one sentence, it would be-“They are capable of beating any team in the WCC, except Gonzaga, and they are also capable of losing to any team in the WCC”. One question I am going to ask you Chris about a rumor I heard was-Is Harward suing BYU over the vaccination protocol that supposedly led to his heart difficulties?

Ya, the officiating was okay. There were a couple of bad calls but both ways. The real glaring fact all season has been the turnovers. 12 in the 2nd half will make it very difficult to beat anyone. I’ve never seen more slipping and falling down from any team. Lucas does it 4 or 5 times a game. AB isn’t far behind. Both are plenty strong enough to get a bump and stay on their feet.
There was nothing lacking in our effort. We played hard and had every chance to win. Coming back from 16 points down. Got within 3 with 1.48 to go. And then could not score. A couple of hero shots and turnovers and time ran out. SM only scored 2 points in that same time period. Uggg!!!

Turnovers are never good, especially on the road. BYU will reload next year and there is always the WCC tournament this year… we will see how Gonzaga fares on the road next week-anyone can lose

That’s very true. With 1.48 left and down by 3 points, Lohner and George dribble to nowhere on the floor and lose the ball. Barcello made two desperate looking 3’s and missed. SM only scored 2 points. Had we kept our composure. I think we win.
Lucas slips and slides falling down more that anyone I’ve seen. Someone should have gotten different shoes.

Sports psychology and someone to talk with the players about the game, etc. BYU loses their mental capacity to finish games regularly. It’s weird to watch.

We’ve seen them win games at the end as well. I know Pope is a fine coach. But, he’s still making mistakes. He should have been able to keep control of what was to happen at the last 1:48. Hopefully, he will grow as a coach from this troubled season.

So BYU BB has established itself as a slightly above-average BB team. Is it the coaching, the players or both? Yes, there are excuses to be aired like injuries and poor reffing against BYU. But when we get beyond excuses, is due to coaching or the players or both?

JH and Dew would say it’s all the referees fault for changing the momentum. But, both coaches and players should be able to recognize that kind of shift if it even truly exists and make adjustments including having more conversations with the referees. Note the “referee cause” crowd point out how other coaches do it and get results.
At this level, players should know how to play the game right. But, all athletes need coaches when players seem to make mistakes. And, in pressure times like at the end of a close game, players at the college level rely heavily on the coaches to give them the playbook for the win. Reminding them to protect the ball. Stay upright. Don’t over dribble. There’s time to get good shots so don’t do any hero ball.

1st I’ve heard about it. If you heard it, it is most likely not a rumor. That would be a sad day if it is true.
What I did find is that Harward was vaxxed 8 days before he collapsed, one of the few that has complications. I’m not the guy to ask because I feel this whole thing was political from the get go.

Apparently it was a team decision to look into filing a lawsuit that they have been coerced, pressured, and threatened my team management into getting vaccinated. Most of this comes from Harward’s mother

Sounds like a nothing burger. It’s a shame that he got sick from it. Happens with vaccines sometimes. Very rare. Johnson & Johnson had this problem. That’s where the suit should be.

Not likely to go anywhere-just a part of the whole Covid mess. I don’t like the pressure that has been forced on people to vaccinate. But I’ve had Covid and 2 vaccinations and so far no repercussions-but I respect people’s choices to vaccinate or not vaccinate or wear masks or not to

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Same here. I just don’t like the immediate jump to the courts when our decisions don’t go the way we like. Unless someone is physically restrained to be given a shot then I don’t agree on the suit. I also think institutions that mandate vaccines should take care of those who are injured without having to be sued. Insurance should help with this.

Thanks for being up front and straight about it. I’m from the same camp, now that it is starting to die out a little and honestly, thank you Omicron variant for helping end this, people will begin to see how adverse an effect this has all had and the toll it has taken on so many.

The long lasting emotional and mental problems will be around for awhile. I was talking to a friend who is a fireman and he said they have had, on average, 5 suicide calls a week for the past several months. That is brutal and shameful.