First half of tonight's game

It’s an exhibition game but without 3 starters and Chatman we are sloppy on both ends. ACU is a quality team with very experienced players. One guy is 31.
Emery started out hot. Others have there moments but team defense is non-existent without the starters. Could be a tough game to win.
With starters, these players will get some good experience and we will be deep. By league we will be great!

BYU played defense in the 2nd half and we blew open the game. Get a few games under their belts and we could be very good. Hamson only got a couple of minutes but I would like to see him get more minutes. 7’2" and can shoot. Hartsock was excellent! Shaw got it going at the end. Davis came back after twisting an ankle and was okay. Aytes sprained and ankle and didn’t come back. Didn’t play great. Ainge did better in the second half and was okay. Everyone including Calvert was great!